Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick 5

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer...everywhere you go...

1.  Last Sunday we dedicated Bria at church.  The whole dedication ceremony is a bit of a blur for me, because Bria was trying to fall asleep, and we were having to corral Joya.  But I know the gist.  And we still meant it.  I love recognizing that she is not ours, and publicly declaring that we will raise her to know God. 

2.  In addition to the dedication, I had a lovely Mother's Day.  Lee finished building my garden box (which was the May project I had in mind!) and he also took our eye-sore of a broken screen door off the front door.  That thing served NO purpose, since the screen or whatever was missing from the bottom half, allowing people like my brother to climb through it if they chose.  Anyway, it was a good Mother's Day.

3.  This is going to be the Summer of the Grill at the Kimble house.  We've never really done much with it, since at our old place it was awkward to go down and grill, and last summer I was newly pregnant and barfing every night.  But this summer is going to be different.  Lee has already become a master at burgers and dogs, and we've had a couple of amazing successes with pork chops and country-style ribs.  I love food on the grill.
Alaina in Daddy's grill apron

4.  There is nothing cuter than seeing little girls picking fist-fulls of flowers.  Even if those flowers are just a few of the million of dandelions in our backyard.

5.  Yesterday Lee took the day off, and we went as a family to have a tour of Alaina's school.  It was great to see where she would be and to meet a few of her teachers.  Alaina is going to have NO problem making friends, seeing as how she was ready and willing to chat with anyone who would chat with her, including a couple of current kindergartners.  Her school has the small-school atmosphere that K-12s generally have, and I love that.  Probably because that was how I ended my school career.  So far I can tell it's going to be a great fit.

That's all she wrote!

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