Friday, May 24, 2013

Quick 5

Jumping right in...

1.  I suppose we've begun the Great Tribulation that is potty training.  I feel like every phase is the Worst Phase.  So we're in the First Worst Phase, which is the phase in which Joya is getting used to the potty by simply sitting on it.  I have a toilet topper AND a little potty, and she sits on both.  No action yet.  But the reason this is a Worst Phase is because she thinks it's so fun and wants to sit on it all the time.  That's good, you say?  I suppose, but it's also tedious and annoying.  Because she is NOT ready to not wear a diaper, which  means that every time she wants to sit on the potty, it involves a full costume change since I have to take off her diaper.  So often I tell her that she needs to wait.  She sits on the potty before room time and nap time, and sometimes before getting her jammies on each night.  Basically I try and coordinate it with a diaper change anyway.  I've also clued her into The Bribe, telling her that she'll get a jelly bean if she makes a deposit.  She has gotten Zero jelly beans at this point.

2.  Along the potty training lines, I've taken a blackmail picture of the girls.  I don't want it floating around on the interwebs, so I'm not posting or even emailing this one.  But it involves Joya on a little potty, Alaina on the big potty showing her how it's done, and pants around ankles.  They're both smiling.  But I don't think either of them will be smiling when they realize I have it in about 10 years.

3.  I have literally saved our family almost $1,000 this year, and I'm so proud of it.  Normally "saving money" really doesn't mean anything to me; it just means spending less, and we're always looking for a way to spend less.  So I'm not really "saving" anything, because I wasn't going to pay full price anyway.  But in April I switched our home and auto insurance and literally saved big bucks, because that WAS money we had budgeted in to spend.  And this week I just switched our trash company, and we're going to be paying half of what we were with the other company.  It makes me a little mad, knowing I could have gotten this money sooner if only I had called sooner.  But the point is we will not be spending that money and can put it toward other things.  Like a new monitor for our computer since our current one has decided to kick the bucket.

4.  I'm terrible when it comes to baby things like tummy time.  There just never seems to be a good time for it, since I don't want to do it right after she eats, because who wants to lay on their stomach after they eat?  And then she starts to get tired, so how mean is it to make someone exercise right when they're at the bottom of their energy anyway?  Well, I managed a bit of tummy time this week.  She hated it.

5.  And Alaina asked me to take this picture:
If only they ALWAYS played this nice

Happy long weekend!

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