Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick 5

Note to self: it takes until the end of May for the trees to have full leaves.  Remember that, lest you feel despair in mid-May when the trees still look naked.

1.  Presenting our Memorial Day project:
A raspberry bush and a tomato plant
Lee built that box for me for Mother's Day.  On Memorial Day we finally got the dirt and plants to go in it.  I love it.  And I'm looking forward to slowly building my gardening prowess over the years.  This year we'll stick with the tomato plant and the raspberry bush and see how that goes.

2.  We've also added this gem to our yard:

Our friends gave us that lovely playhouse because they moved to Tulsa and didn't want to take it.  We're so sad they moved to Tulsa, and would gladly return the playhouse if it meant they were staying in town.  But alas, we now have a play house in the backyard.  And the girls love it.  And regularly fight over whether the windows should be opened (according to Alaina) or closed (according to Joya.)

 3.  Memorial Day was actually a tough day around here.  The girls were all extremely fussy, although never at the same time.  As soon as one would calm down and cheer up, one of the others would take up the cause.  All three got in on the action.  See?

4.  The real excitement of the week came on Tuesday, when I decided to clean the bathrooms.  It was laundry day, so I started a load, washed all the dishes, then cleaned the upstairs bathrooms.  I moved to the downstairs bathroom only to find the shower full of water and water on the floor.  Of course I called Lee right away and we agreed to call a plumber.  I called him, and he said his guys would be there between 12 and 2.  So I stopped all water usage.  The plumber didn't show up until 6:30, though.  It, being the day after a holiday, was quite busy for them.  The worst part was Joya had thrown up twice the night before, so I had barf laundry waiting.  But it was just a blockage in the main line caused by the aspen roots that like to gum up the works.  It was easily (although not cheaply) taken care of.

Bria and Alaina, hanging out while the plumber did his thing
*Side note: the plumber turned out to be this kid named Kevin.  Early 20s, I'd say.  Blond with glasses, dirty from working all day.  On one of his trips through the house with his tools, Alaina turned to me and whispered, "That plumber is handsome.  Don't tell him I said that."  But she didn't say I couldn't tell you!  :)

5.  Joya brought me this toy the other day.  I asked what it was.  "My lady," she said.  So cute.

And now on to the weekend!  Happy birthday to my sweet pixie niece Naomi, who turns 3 today.  And tomorrow and Sunday we'll celebrate our oldest turning 5.  She's a real girl now.

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