Friday, July 5, 2013

Quick 5

Oh say can you see?

1.  Gramma and Grampa Kimble have been here all week, and it's been a blast.  Grampa has been making our house better once again, and Gramma has been entertaining the Littles and potty training Joya (who is doing great, by the way.  Maybe one more week and she'll graduate to REAL underwear.)  I should have kept a better list on all the projects Grampa has been doing around the house, because the list is long.  That and all the grilling has made the week excellent.  We weren't planning a vacation this summer, but this week more than made up for it.
Gramma and the Girls
Grampa and Bria
 2.  The girls got a sandbox from Grammy and Grandad for their birthdays this year, and already it has provided hours of fun.  Grampa set it up for them and has even tossed coins in there a few times for them to find.  Alaina proudly showed us her TWO coins one day (two pennies) and I know she felt she got the better deal to Joya's ONE coin (a dime.)  It might be time to teach about the value of coins.  Anyway, the sandbox is a hit, and we've had minimal sand end up in Joya's pants.
Thanks for the sand toys, Aunt Jamie and Uncle Nick!
3.  Grampa also blew up a pool that Grammy and Grandad had given us last year.  That too has been a big hit.  Even when Joya's lips had turned blue and she was shivering like a church potluck jello salad, she refused to get out.  And there were many tears when they were told it was time for dinner.  It's been wonderful to have so many adults around to supervise, since someone needs to be available for Bria while someone needs to keep an eye on the girls. 

4.  We celebrated the Fourth in low-key, Kimble favorite fashion: grilling brats, then going to the Gilletts for more grilled food.  The girls had tons of fun with their friends, and we were around all of our favorite people, including Lee's parents and my parents.  We didn't seek out any firework shows this year, as I'm too much of a fan of getting the girls to bed and Bria definitely couldn't have lasted in any fashion that would have been fun for me.  But I'm not sorry about it.  There will be plenty of years for fireworks.  Until then we'll just make do with our friends (and that's hardly a bad thing.)

5.  These two little girls are growing fast all of a sudden.  Maybe I'll have to rescind my view on kids growing fast.  It's just we were stuck for awhile, but now all of a sudden Bria no longer needs to be swaddled and is on the cusp of sleeping 12 hours at night, and Joya is almost potty trained and acting like a real little girl instead of a needy toddler.  I'm so proud I could bust.
Bria - 4 months

 We're so sad to see Gramma and Grampa go, but so glad they were able to come.  Just six more weeks of normal before school starts, I guess.

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