Friday, July 19, 2013

Quick 5

Ah, summer.

1.  Cow Appreciation Day was a success.  It truly is one of our favorite days of the year.  I like to sit in the Chick-fil-a and shake my head at the people who walk in dressed in normal clothes.  Don't they know how easy it is to get a full free meal?  Sure, you feel dumb for about 5 minutes the first year, but after that it's no big deal.  And it's FREE CHICK-FIL-A.  Our local Chick-fil-a also does a photo contest on their Facebook page.  They take pictures of all the groups that come in, and the one with the most likes gets seven free meals per person in the photo.  I'm not gonna lie...we're really hoping to win.  And so far, unless something crazy happens, it looks like we just might.  The contest ends tomorrow, so we're still trying to keep our hopes at reasonable levels.  But it would be awesome.
**Shameless Plug**  There's still time to vote!  Just go to my Facebook page, scroll down and click on the picture of us dressed as cows.  :)  Make sure you like the actual picture, and not just the picture posted on my page!

2.  The biggest thing of the week has been swimming lessons.  This is Alaina's second year and she loves it, of course.  Joya had a rough couple of days at the beginning of the week, as she was overcome with jealousy.  But swimming lessons start at age 3, so she had to sit this year out.  Hopefully next year I can find a Tiny Tunas class at the same time that Alaina will have class, because there will be war in the camp if Joya can't go swimming next year too.
Bria just chills for the lesson
Waiting for her teacher
Doing bobs
Joya is Phase One of the lesson - eating snack
Joya in Phase Two - playing with toys
Joya in Phase Three - wandering.  She found a friend the other day
 Alaina's teacher is great.  It makes me wish I had taught swimming lessons when I was younger.  I could do what she does...except I'm not always that great with 3 to 5 year olds that aren't my own.  And I would just like to say that I love taking swimming pictures.  They turn out awesome.

3.  We've had a bunny problem in our yard.  I suppose it's not a big deal; they're not really hurting anything.  We've been worried that they'll get in our garden, but that hasn't really been the case yet.  they just annoy us with their brazen usage of our yard.  So Lee borrowed a live trap from his co-workers and set it out.  So far we've caught two bunnies, which Lee has taken away from our house and set free.  I'm not sure how humane it is, since he is setting them free in a place where they will probably get eaten by coyotes or something.  But at least we don't have to deal with dead bunnies.  Because one dead bunny per summer is enough for me.

4.  The Great Potty Training Tribulation is almost over, I think.  Joya is now wearing real underwear during the day, and has only had one accident this week.  I am always surprised when I remember that it's only been three weeks since we started this.  Joya is now at the phase where if she is bored or wants to be out of her room she tells me she has to go potty.  It happens often during room time, and once at swimming lessons.  I get her to the bathroom and she says she does NOT have to go, but can she please be done in her room, or can we go home. 

5.  We're on Baby Watch this next week or so.  No, not for Kate Middleton's baby.  Who cares about that.  My sister is about to pop with her third.  I love this phase of our lives, where I'm excited to hear my phone ring because one of my sisters is having a baby.  Hopefully Baby Watch will only last through the weekend.  I predicted she will be born on the 21st.  Make it happen, baby girl!


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