Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick 5

Eventful week!

1.  We had a lovely time celebrating Joya at her birthday party.  She's still a bit young to understand what's going on, but every kid understands cake and presents.  I tried to have the girls help me decorate the cupcakes, but surprisingly they weren't too interested.  Alaina just made up stories about each of the owls and Joya was content to eat about four M&Ms and sprinkle a few sprinkles, and then they left to watch their daddy put up the princess castle in the basement.  Every kid has their priorities, I guess.
Either the people who posted their pics on Pinterest did some serious photoshopping, or they used white icing to make the whites of the eyes pure white.  My poor owls had bloodshot (cookie style) eyes. 
2.  On Monday Joya, Bria and I went to Hobby Lobby.  About two minutes after we got there, the fire alarm went off.  We ignored it, figuring someone would tell us if there were a bigger issue.  Well, there WASN'T a fire, but apparently the fire department had to come anyway, which meant that they kicked us out of the store.  We had to leave our intended purchases right on the floor and get out.  I didn't have any other place to go that day, and we had a good twenty minutes before we needed to leave to get Alaina, so we hung out in the parking lot to wait and see the fire truck.  I asked Joya several times if she wanted to go, but she insisted on seeing the truck.  It took a bit, but she got to see it.   So I suppose the trip wasn't wasted.  We went back to Hobby Lobby on Tuesday and got in and out with no problems.

3.  Maybe it's mommy brain, but I have quickly forgotten and am surprised by the baby phases each time Bria goes through them.  You would think I'd remember them from the other two, but I don't.  Bria's newest thing is S C R E A M I N G any time I leave the room.  She screams like her arm has been ripped off.  I poke my head back in the room and she stops.  It's about 40% endearing and 60% annoying.  I have stuff to do, kid!

4.  Wednesday seemed like a lovely day to take some fall pictures.  So after I fed Bria in the afternoon, I put on our jackets and went out into the backyard.  Bria is our solemn child, so I had to send Alaina back into the house for the squeaky duck that always make Bria smile.  As it is, I was only able to get a ghost of a smile from her.  But I got some cute ones.  Then I picked up Bria and went to go back inside.  Only to find that somehow Alaina had inadvertantly locked the door on the way back out.  So we were locked out in the backyard.  Did I have a key?  No.  Did I have my phone?  No.  The garage door is kept locked too.  We were good and stuck.  It was about 3:30 and Lee gets home any where from 4:00 to 4:30 each day.  So I stuck Bria in her swing and we just bummed around, and I prayed that it wasn't one of the random days when Lee doesn't get home until closer to 5:00.  I also prayed that Joya wouldn't tell me that she needed to go potty.  I was thankful I had Bria with me (or I would have gotten desperate and jumped the fence to find a neighbor to lend me a phone.)  I was thankful that I didn't have anything cooking on the stove.  And I was thankful that I decided to put on our jackets, even though I thought we would only be out there for 5 minutes or so.  Finally I saw Lee in the house at about 4:30.  Thankfully Bria waited until we were inside to get crabby.

5.  So here's what I did while we were stuck outside:
Bria - 8 months
Alaina, right after we discovered we were locked out
So I played with the filters on my camera
From the comfort of our indoors to yours.  :)

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