Friday, November 15, 2013

Quick 5

Two weeks from today Thanksgiving will be over.  Isn't that sad?

1.  We had our first family homework assignment from Alaina's class this week.  We were supposed to dress up a turkey (paper turkey, of course) in order to help it sail through the Thanksgiving holiday without being eaten.  The assignment said to dress it up like it fits into your family, so to consider hobbies and things like that.  Well, since we are The Most Boring Family On The Planet the only thing we could think of was to dress the turkey like a baby, since we have a baby in our family.  We put an old (unused) size 2 diaper on it and tied a binky around its neck.  Apparently seeing the diaper on the turkey cracked the kids up, according to Alaina.  It's always nice to get a laugh out of the class.
2.  I've always wondered if I might end up having one of Those Kids.  You know, Those Kids who wear costumes out in public.  Well, I've got Joya.  She loves to dress up.  During room time in the morning she'll put on a princess dress, and then lately she's refused to take it off when we leave the house to run errands.  I really don't mind.  I just make her put on her shoes and a jacket and off we go.  The funniest part to me is how she reacts when other grown ups acknowledge her "pretty dress."  She always gives them a dirty look, like she can't understand why on earth they are looking at her dress.  She's not doing it for the attention; she's doing it simply because she wants to.
Joya in Walmart.  She was the best dressed person there.

3.  Then there's Alaina, who never wants to rock the boat, fashion-wise.  Even on a night like Crazy Hair Night at AWANA.  I forced her to participate this year.  She wasn't too happy.
Practically hiding under the table.
Crazy, right?  That's the most she would let me do.  Then she got home and described all the other crazy hair she saw.  I asked if she would let me do some of the crazier things to her hair next year, now that she knows how other kids participate.  "NO!!" she said.  Oh well.  Joya will be in Cubbies next year, and I bet she'll let me go all out.

4.  Bria has been super crabby all week.  Super bummer for us.  Maybe she's teething.  Who knows.  All I know that 3:30 until 5:00 is a nightmare.  Then I put her down for a dinner nap, which I thought we were getting rid of, but not if she's going to be crabby.  I can't remember when they drop that nap, but I'm going to put her in her room if all she wants to do is fuss.  She falls asleep quickly most of the time, so maybe she still needs it.  Hopefully this phase ends soon.
Crabby in the afternoon, but all smiles in Walmart.
5.  For Joya's birthday Aunt Mindy sent a DVD of 270 classic cartoons.  Think early Bugs Bunny era, but not Bugs.  There are some Popeye, Mighty Mouse, Felix the cat and Betty Boop.  The girls love them.  At the beginning of the DVD is a disclaimer about how many people have loved these cartoons, but they may reflect views that the company who produced the DVD does not condone.  My how far our society has come.  But the music is amazing, and there are some good talking points that come up (like, don't pummel your sister if you don't get what you want like the cat did to the mouse and yes that lion did eat the deer because that's what lions do.)  They just don't make them like they used to.

Go Broncos!

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