Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick 5

The weather outside is frightful.

1.  Bria has two new teeth already!  Her top two popped through early this week.  I guess I'd have to dig to really find out, but I think she's way ahead of her sisters in the teeth area.  I felt like the other two were toothless for a long time, and then waited long periods of time before getting subsequent teeth once they started showing up.  But not Bria.  She's just getting the nasty business over with, I guess.  Why put off for tomorrow what you can do today?
No picture of the teeth.  Just my dismal attempt at getting a nice picture of my three girls in front of the Christmas tree.
2.  I had the privilege of calling the school attendance line to report Alaina absent from school for the first time ever this week.  On Monday afternoon we had the stomach flu blow through the house.  It started with Alaina, who I believe I've already said is a delightful stomach flu patient. She makes it to the toilet every time.  She was sad and barfy and quiet for about 6 hours that afternoon.  Joya was cheerful and mentioned a couple of times that her stomach hurt, but we didn't believe her.  Then she threw up all over the couch.  Then we did believe her.  But she was just a one-hit wonder.  So I kept Alaina home on Tuesday since she had been sick the evening before.  She took two naps on Tuesday, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Then by dinner she was back to her perky self.  It's sad to have sick kids, but the up side is it is the only time I actually enjoy cleaning.  I feel like I am doing battle with germs, and with each swipe of disinfectant I'm winning.

3.  It was good that the girls were better and 24-hours barf-free by Tuesday evening, because that was a big rehearsal for the Christmas program at church this weekend.  Alaina and Joya will be joining the other kids to sing a couple of songs on stage, and they needed to be there for practice.  Last year Alaina completely missed the Christmas program due to an active stomach flu, so it was nice that it hit our house early this year.

P.S. Come to our Christmas Program!  It's during all three services at Valley View Christian Church this weekend, on Saturday at 4:00 and Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30.  There is an incredible play, along with the cuteness of the kids.  You may or may not see Joya pick her nose.  No promises.

4.  Alaina had a big project due this week.  They had to pick a country and make a poster about how that country celebrates the holidays.  Alaina chose England, because she and I have a dream to take a mother/daughter trip to London someday.  I don't remember doing big projects like this when I was in kindergarten, but it was fun anyway.
5.  I've been teaching the girls the fine art of layering as we plod through this arctic blast.  I thought Alaina was really going to fight me on it, because it does feel a little weird at first, but she didn't.  They've been teaching me that it takes 5-10 minutes just to bundle them all up to leave the house.  I start with Joya, then finish up Alaina, then bundle myself, then bundle Bria.  It's worth it, because while it is frightfully cold, we've been relatively comfortable.  Also, I love Colorado sunshine.  It's 4 degrees out, but the intense sunshine makes it feel just a little warmer, especially sitting in the car.  This is a nice change of pace, I suppose, but I hope it's not an indicator of what our entire winter will be like.
Lee getting ready to shovel the driveway.  I'm this close to making one of those beard beanies for ME to wear.
Joya and Bria ready to run errands and pick Alaina up from school.  (Joya wasn't happy with me.)

This is an excellent weekend for soup, is it not?

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