Friday, December 20, 2013

Quick 5

Did you know Christmas is next week?

1.  Jingles has obviously been visiting Pinterest to get some naughty ideas again.  He drew faces on our family pictures
Alaina wanted to know why she got the leprechaun beard
and brought reindeer poop inside the house.
The girls swiftly and accurately deduced that the poop was indeed chocolate chips, but it lead to this conversation at breakfast:

Alaina: My tummy hurts.
Lee:  Why?  Did you eat the poop?
Alaina: No!  I was going to eat the poop after breakfast!
Tori:  No eating poop if your tummy hurts!

Maybe Jingles should not have blurred the lines between chocolate and poop.

2.  I finished Bria's stocking.  I'm afraid it's shoddy craftmanship, since I bought the wrong batting for the inside, which resulted in four broken sewing machine needles and me taking a few shortcuts just to get it done.  She may find herself with a new one next year, or when this one falls apart.
Five stockings may be too many for the bookshelf.  I need to find a new spot.
3.  We had Christmas #2 on Tuesday.  (Christmas #1 took place at the Marsh Thanksgiving.)  We didn't want to drag all the presents with us to our Kansas City Christmas, so we let the girls open a couple here.  Yes, I even wrapped Bria's.  Yes, I regret it.  One year olds don't care!  At least mine doesn't.  She was border-line irritated that we were making her rip something open.  The girl just wants to crawl.  She's not asking for much!
4. I've loosely adopted the Three Gift plan for the girls for Christmas.  I get them something to wear (sometimes a whole outfit), something educational, and a toy.  Then I have a few small gifts for their stockings, and I also try and do a family gift.  Usually the family gift arrives in the form of a DVD we can all watch together, but this year we chose to get them a mini exercise trampoline.  Those girls go CRAZY after dinner every night, and it drives us nuts.  Even on the days when they've spent a couple of hours outside, it seems like as soon as they get dinner in their tummies the crazy button goes off.  So we got them a trampoline to help burn the energy after dinner during these cold months.  They loved it.  It only took Joya five minutes to fall off and bang her mouth, but I think she'll be more careful from now on.  And maybe our winter evenings will have a little more peace if they can channel their energy into something useful.

5. Our baby Bria is quickly melting away into a toddler Bria.  Maybe it's because I've started putting her hair up.  Maybe it's those two top front teeth that are getting bigger and changing her whole face.  Maybe it's because she is constantly moving if she's awake.  I love watching them grow.
Bria helping Daddy
We leave tomorrow for our annual trek across Kansas.  One more sleep!

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