Friday, January 17, 2014

Quick 5

Well, I guess we're going to have a real winter this year.  No more bragging about mild Colorado winters where our girls can play outside every day in just light coats.

1.  We spent our second Monday in two weeks dealing with a stomach bug.  This time it was Joya.  The beauty of this round, though, was that Joya learned the fine art of making it to the toilet to throw up.  She has never done that before, and I was glad she had a few rounds to practice before the barfing stopped.  It is a good skill to learn, and she has just about mastered it.  Much relief all around.

2.  I'm not the greatest at it, but I'm trying my best to assign chores to the girls as they are able.  Alaina has a few now: folding and putting away kitchen towels/washcloths, sweeping up all the cheerios and baby snacks that Bria tosses on the floor, and making her bed every morning.  However, she's already come up with a way to not have to make her bed.  Each night I tuck her in, then around 10:00 I go in to check on them before I go to sleep.  The past few nights I've found Alaina on top of her covers, rather than under them.  Basically she has made her bed, and then is sleeping under just a couple of other blankets.  She's so proud of herself in the morning when her bed is already made.  Personally I think it's too cold for that at night, but she hasn't complained, so I guess I shouldn't worry that she's not under ALL her blankets. 

3.  Bria's at that phase where I can't remember how or when to move her to a kid-type eating schedule, rather than a baby-eating schedule.  I can't remember when I stopped giving the other girls bottles all the time, or started feeding them at regular meal times rather than baby-adjusted times.  Generally I try not to stress about it and things move on naturally, but I always have a week or two where I think about it constantly.  And I am in that week or two right now.

4.  We had to make a trip to the mall this week so I could get a new battery for my watch.  While we were there, Joya asked if I had any money to throw in the water (the fountain.)  I gave her five pennies and she threw them in one at a time.  Chalk it up to maturity, I guess, but I could not help thinking, "She is literally throwing money away."  I suppose I could think of it as paying five cents for childhood joy.  She told Alaina and Alaina was very sad she wasn't there for it.  Oh to be a child again.

5.  Alaina was excited to dress up for Bronco day at school.  Sadly we have very little Bronco gear around here, so a blue shirt and an orange hair bow were the best she could do.
Go Broncos!  

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Tawnya said...

Laughed out loud at the bed thing....those first borns..once you teach them something they will figure out how to perfect it!! Sounds like something Truman would do:)