Friday, February 7, 2014

Quick 5

Holy Polar Vortex, Batman!

1.  Last Sunday was the most un-fun day we've ever had with our dear friends.  That's all I want to say about that.

2.  Last Saturday was the beloved Happy Hearts event at church.  Our children's ministry does such a great job with this preschool event, that Alaina has been so sad that this was her last year to attend.  We've been trying to convince her that there are other fun events for older kids, but she just can't imagine anything being as fun as Happy Hearts.  Alaina spent most of her time in the bouncy castle, while Joya created a little routine for herself that involved going down the big slide, then hitting one of the activities to get a piece of candy.  The girls also did a craft or two, but the candy and the bouncy castle held their attention most of the time.
Bria was there too
3.  One of the crafts involved a picture that they had taken and printed out.  Both girls got one, and they were supposed to make this Valentine postcard thing.  The lovely girl helping Alaina out told her she could spell any word she wanted on the craft, using the foam sticker letters.  The example said "Love" know, because of Valentine's and all.  Here is the word Alaina chose:
There is so much to love about this.  Cats.  Alaina holding Joya's head captive.
4.  Lee was able to work from home a bunch this week, and Alaina had Thursday and Friday off of school due to parent teacher conferences.  So on Thursday afternoon Lee took the two older girls into the office with him, to do some things that he couldn't get done at home.  The girls loved it, although we've definitely decided that three years old is a little too young to really spend a bunch of time in an office, no matter how many toys you send with them.  Live and learn.  (What did I do while the girls were gone and Bria was napping, with three whole hours to myself?  Why, had a Falling Skies Season 2 marathon, of course.  Thanks, Amazon Prime!)
5. What do the girls do on a very cold, no school day?  Make a nest of course.  I'll let you know if they come up with a way to successfully keep Bria out of it.  (They're working on it.)

**This Quick 5 was brought to you by long underwear, double socks and chili.

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