Friday, February 28, 2014

Quick 5

Everyone enjoy today, because tomorrow will be Dreaded March.  We can't avoid it.

1.  Bria's birthday party was a success.  I think.  We crammed 12 adults, 9 children and 3 babies in our tiny house.  The kids did great, but most of the adults had to stand the whole time, and I feel bad about that.  Anyway, I think Bria did okay.  At one point she just crawled away.  Down the hall.  Away from the party.  She might be a girl after my own heart.  She enjoyed the cake, though, and she enjoyed being able to get to bed on time.

2.  It was so lovely to have Gramma Kimble and Aunt Mindy here.  The girls loved them and they were a huge help to me.  The girls have both lamented quite a bit that they wish Gramma and Aunt Mindy could be our neighbors.  (Somehow Mindy got demoted from our Basement Dweller to a Neighbor.  Not sure how that happened.  They DO love her.)
3.  Bria had a couple well-baby check-ups this week, none of which she appreciated.  She is now 20 pounds, 8 ounces and is 30 1/2 inches tall.  And she has a huge head.  The nurse measured twice because the number seemed so big.  That's my girl!
4.  Our house has a new look!  We've been upgraded from Eye Sore to Tsk, That House Needs Work.  Thanks to an excellent bid, a coupon and a tax refund, we finally had the dead trees cut down from the front of our house.  I know it was our responsibility and everything, but I kind of feel like the neighborhood association might show up on our doorstep with a prize.
It looks a little sad and nondescript now, doesn't it?  And landscaping/yard work is one of  our larger weaknesses.  ::sigh::

5.  Someone else got a new look this week:
You've never seen a girl so excited to get her glasses!  And she keeps exclaiming how tall she feels, which I can only guess means she's adjusting to how the glasses change her depth perception.  She's at school right now for the first time with them on, so I'm quite eager to hear how she debuted there.  She is the only kid in her class with glasses, and I'm praying the kids will be kind to her. 
Goodbye, February!  You were good to us this year.

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