Friday, March 7, 2014

Quick 5

Everybody ready to spring forward?  No?  See why March is the worst?

1.  We've been driving in silence for three weeks.  The radio/CD player/Tape deck died in our van three weeks ago.  We should have seen it coming; it fritzed out for a few weeks before it kicked the bucket.  But on a Tuesday, as I was backing out of the garage to run errands before picking Alaina up from school, it just died.  No clock.  No nothing.  I miss the clock.  But I really miss the music.  Joya and Alaina have been filling in when they can, but it's not the same.  But tomorrow we will have our new one installed.  Our Musical Exile will come to an end.  And there will be much rejoicing.

2.  I ended up taking Alaina to urgent care last Saturday.  She had been complaining of a headache, but I thought it was just her getting used to her glasses.  But after her nap she was still complaining so I took her temp.  I kept getting readings of 105.4 and 106.  I called the doctor to see if I should be concerned, because that is a pretty high fever.  And I never want to be one who freaks out about fevers, but I'd love to meet a parent of a kid who has had a febrile seizure who doesn't feel the urge to panic.  Anyway, after asking Alaina a bunch of questions, the doctor recommended that I get her to urgent care.  I know she was concerned about meningitis.  The point is, she didn't have meningitis, and we still don't know what her deal was, but I did learn two things.  First, a high fever for a kid Alaina's age is not life or death, like I felt it might be.  They do want to know what causes that high a fever, but her brain was not going to fry.  Second, the new Children's Hospital with an Urgent Care at Lucent and C-470 is a really great facility.  I highly recommend it for all your urgent kid health needs.  It also has an ER for kids, but you can just tell them you're there for urgent care and they'll bill accordingly.

3.  I know it's not supposed to be a big deal, but it is.  I've been getting used to soft contacts all week.  It's been one of the more frustrating experiences of my life, right up there with learning to type and learning to drive a stick shift.  But I consider those two things two of my greatest accomplishments, and so I know I'll feel the same way about these blasted things soon.  Not yet.  But after a demonstration from Lee last night, I feel like today might be the day that I conquer it. 

4.  Along the soft contact lines, I feel like maybe I taught Alaina a great lesson this week.  She came with me to get the contacts, because we needed an adjustment on her glasses.  I knew it would take a few minutes so I brought the Kindle for her play on.  I didn't realize it would take a full hour.  They made me put them in three times and take them out two times.  And I had to do it with Alaina watching me.  Watching me fail and get so frustrated.  But I hope she learned something about not giving up and about how making mistakes is okay.  I didn't swear or anything.  And maybe she won't even remember it.  But I'll always remember that she was watching.

5.  That's it.  I'll just leave you with my smiling pretty girls:

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