Friday, March 14, 2014

Quick 5

Question: does having pizza (pie) count as a valid celebration of Pi Day?  Does anyone actually celebrate Pi Day?

1.  The name of the game this week has been Sort and Throw.  We've been talking forever about getting our basement in order and planning a garage sale this summer.  For some unexplained reason both Lee and I were extremely motivated this past weekend and we knocked out our basement.  It helped to come up with a plan (and don't ask me why it took almost TWO YEARS to come up with this plan.)  The plan was to move all the stuff we wanted to keep into a room and move all the stuff we wanted to sell into the great room.  Simple right?  Just the act of finally separating it all was so awesome.  Also, it helped to set aside boxes of memories and all my craft stuff boxes to go through at a later date, because you can get bogged down for days on stuff like that.  Anyway, our basement now has the look that our places always got when we were moving, because it is cleaned up and boxes are stacked nicely.  I don't know where this motivation came from, but I'm trying to ride this wave as far as it will go.

2.  In other home improvement news I finally got curtains for our bedroom.  Our bedroom has had ONE thing on its walls for these past 21 months: the Chick-fil-a Cow Calendar.  But I found curtains that I liked.  And now we love having curtains.  How did we live so long without them?  First, it blocks out the lights that shine from the apartments behind our house right into our bedroom.  Second, I believe it's made our room so much quieter, again since there is a parking lot behind our house and whatnot.  It's the little things.
I never really envisioned having a purple room, but that's the way it seems to be going.
3.  Slowly but surely I'm adding chores to Alaina's repertoire.  Her newest is drying the dishes after they've been washed.  She's tall enough and responsible enough not to drop them.  And I love having her help out.  For some reason she's in a honeymoon phase with it, and if she hears me at the sink she runs over and grabs the towel.  Mostly I love having a completely empty sink at the end of the night.  I knew having kids would pay off eventually.

4.  These days of late winter/early spring are sure moody.  The temps will climb up to a pleasant height, only to be dropped the next day by cold wind and snow.  So we're trying to take advantage of the warmth as we can.  Lee got home from work yesterday and asked me if the girls would want to go for a walk.  The answer is OF COURSE.  And he took all three, so I had an hour of peace and quiet to cook dinner and do whatever I felt like.  AND it got their wiggles out.  I know, we're slow learners, but maybe this should be a regular thing.
5.  Looks like today's Quick 5 is a Quick 4.  I'll let Bria see you out:
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