Friday, March 21, 2014

Quick 5

The idea that winter is over and spring has begun does wonders for the soul.  (Even if it does snow tonight.)

1.  Last weekend was the annual Missions Fair at church.  It was the best Missions Fair I had ever been to.  The format was excellent.  I wish you all could have been there.  Alaina and Joya were able to help out too, by  handing out programs and kid bags.  The kid bags were full of coloring books, crayons, maracas, and snacks because the service was a family service and all kids over the age of 3 were in the service with the adults.  Alaina did her job well, even chasing down kids who didn't make it to the table to pick up their bag.  I believe her exact words were "There's a kid!  I'm gonna get em!"
The Russian Twins
Alaina and the beloved Gillett girls
Clearly these two are from China
2.  I got to volunteer in Alaina's class on Monday.  It was my second time volunteering, but my first time with Alaina actually in the class, since the first time I went she stayed home sick.  I went with the class to PE and watched them play a game of Space Tag.  It was fascinating.  Basically the coach set up a couple dozen "space stations" (hula hoops) in a large circle around the gym, and put mats in the middle.  Then two kids became the "aliens" and had to tag the other kids with their "alien fingers" (foam noodles.)  The kids then run from space station to space station, trying not to get tagged.  Once they're tagged, they have to go stand on the mat in the middle until someone else rescues them.  Alaina, it turns out, likes to play it safe.  She would just hop from station to station, or jump outside the hoop, taunt the alien and jump back in at the slightest concern that the alien may or may not be headed her way.  Most other kids just ran around like crazy people, because it really was no big deal to get tagged.  They'd stand on the mat for about a minute before someone came to get them off.  But Alaina didn't want to risk it.  That's probably exactly how I would have played too.

3.  Bria had a rough few nights of sleep for some unknown reason.  Maybe she's teething or growing.  I don't know.  All I know is I would put her to bed at 6:40 (like usual) and then I'd hear her start to talk around 7:30.  And then she'd chat with herself until about 10:00.  Then she'd get bored and start to yell.  Then she'd get mad and start to scream.  And I've trained her in such a way that she doesn't fall asleep on me, so if I went in to rock her, it would just prolong the falling asleep.  So I'd have to let her scream it out.  And that usually took an hour and a half or so.  So for two nights in a row we were finally getting to sleep around 1:30.  It was fine and all for her; she still gets to take her 4 hours worth of naps during the day.  But this momma was a bit cranky.  Thankfully last night was back to normal.

4.  Next week is Spring Break.  And I have zero plans.  MOPS on Monday.  Alaina seems to have her heart set on going to Target.  That's it.  Part of me feels like I should make the week amazing, and part of me is just looking forward to getting up at 5:50 every day instead of 5:30.  Maybe it's the poor sleep talking, but I feel like I just want the week to be a week of rest.

5.  Once again, this seems to be a quick 4.  So I'll let Joya see you out:
Welcome Spring!

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