Friday, March 28, 2014

Quick 5

Do I really see leaf buds on the trees, or are my new contacts messing with my brain?

1.  This Spring Break has been lovely.  Not remarkable, but quite lovely.  Lee has been able to work from home most of the week, so we've all been together.  I love the slower pace and not having to get a lot done.  On Monday we went to MOPS and I had to stay for a meeting afterward, so I brought lunch for the girls to eat.  Eating at the church may have been the highlight of Alaina's week.  Or life.  She was pretty excited, so it's hard to tell which. 

2.  I suppose another highlight was our time at the park.  The girls love the park so much.  Even Bria grinned in her Stink Face the whole time.  It was the first time Bria had been to the park when she was able to be out of her stroller.  As soon as she gets the walking thing down I'll let her toddle all over the place.  She'll love it even more then.
3. I've learned that if one of the girls asks "Do you want to take a picture of me?" then then answer should always be "Yes!"  Here is one such occasion:
She was pretty proud of the tower she made
4. Things I thought I wouldn't have to say to Bria until she was at least two years old:  "Bria, please don't rub hot dog in your hair!"  Speaking of Bria, that girl will probably be walking within the next two weeks.  She's taking tons of risks that we've never seen before, like standing freestyle in the middle of the room (it only lasts about 20 seconds, but she's trying!) and taking one step before chickening out and dropping to the floor.  But she's doing it on her own, so we give her two weeks before she takes many steps. 
Look Ma, no hands!  (Yes she IS leaning against the fence.)

5. Perhaps the biggest news of the household is the fact that we are now the proud owners of an unlimited texting plan.  I don't really want to talk about how or why it took us so long to make this change.  The point is we can now text without fear of the 20 cent charge each time AND we can communicate with the world in the way that most people feel the most comfortable.  Apparently we may need to learn texting lingo, but I'm hoping that it comes with time.  (I still don't know what LFTBIT means, Becky.  Believe me, I've googled.)

Good bye March!  We send you on your way with many smiles.

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