Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick 5

May makes me happy.

1.  This past Wednesday was Wet Sponge night at AWANA.  All the clubbers get to throw a wet sponge at their leader, and our silly leadership team came up with a whole slew of other things they could throw at their leaders if they had enough AWANA bucks to upgrade.  Mud, worms, noodles, jello, you get the idea.  Alaina was pretty excited that she got to buy noodles and sauce and jello to dump on her leader.  She was excited about the idea anyway.  She didn't seem to enjoy it in practice.  I think she enjoyed watching everyone else make the mess, but when it came to her actually doing it, she was pretty freaked out.  She had rolled up her pant legs and everything because she didn't want to get messy.  The whole night is supposed to be a reward for all the hard work the kids do in memorizing all those verses, but I think Alaina would have been happier with a caramel apple sucker.

2.  Along those lines, today is Field Day at her school.  We spent the morning coaching her on the fact that it will be Okay To Get Wet.  The kids were instructed to come to school in clothes that could get wet, even wearing their swimsuits under their clothes if they wanted to.  Alaina DOES NOT like to get wet in her clothes.  So Lee and I repeatedly told her that it would be okay and that she would dry and that the water would NOT hurt her clothes and that she could change when she got home and that water would NOT hurt her glasses.  It's not as if she's going to go swimming in her clothes.  Lee reminded her that the whole day is designed for fun and then commanded her to have fun.  I hope she does.

3.  Here we are on the cusp of summer, and I feel like we have things planned all the way through the end of July already.  Most weeks are clear, but things keep popping up for the weekends.  Which kind of puts a damper on when we can do our garage sale.  I see two weekend possibilities: the weekend of May 30 or the weekend of August 1.  Is it bad to do a garage sale in August? 

4.  Bria has a new word!  Ready for it?  It's...Bria!  I suppose all four of us have said it to her at least 50 times a day since she was born, so it shouldn't be a surprise that she says it.  She doesn't really say it in reference to herself; we think she just likes the way the word feels and sounds coming out of her mouth.  She toddles all over the place saying her own name.  We may have many lessons in humility in her future.

5.  The week has been cold and windy, but starting today we are suppose to have beautiful weather.  So Joya will close us out, celebrating the fact that she gets to wear a t-shirt. 
Peace out!

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