Friday, May 16, 2014

Quick 5

Seeing leaves on all the trees makes my soul happy.

1. Last Saturday we drove down to Colorado Springs to see my niece Naomi's dance recital.  Naomi is almost four, and there really isn't much cuter than seeing three-year-olds in a dance recital.  Naomi killed it, which was so fun to watch.  We were disappointed not to see any nose-picking out of the 19 classes that danced, although one class featured the little girls tossing Kleenex, and one of the dancers actually used hers before she tossed it.  Anyway, my girls did fantastic too, including Bria.  They all were pretty content during the hour and a half performance and really enjoyed seeing the dancers. 

2. Mother's Day was a lovely day, despite the fact that it snowed all day.  It was relaxed and capped off by my much-anticipated fried chicken dinner.  Lee came up with a dessert of ice cream and raspberries, which made me so glad that I decided to plant a raspberry bush instead of a blackberry bush in our backyard.  I love fresh raspberries.  And the fun thing about this year was Alaina was old enough to participate on her own, presenting me with a bunch of stuff that she made at school.  It was a sweet day.
My Mother's Day booty

3. On Monday, May 12th, I got my sock wet because I stepped out of my car into a big ol' pile of SLUSH.  Slush (and snow for that matter) in the middle of May is just lame.

4. It has been so fun to communicate with Bria more and more each day.  Most of her communication is just nonsense, but she has her moments.  I coughed the other day, and Bria said "Bless you!" (Not that articulately, but the sounds were there, if you know what I mean.)  I told Lee and he was quite skeptical until the same thing happened between him and Bria.  This is notable because we did NOT teach her to do this.  There was zero coaching involved.  I've just said it to her enough that she has learned that that is what one says when one hears someone cough or sneeze.  We have been coaching Bria on animal sounds.  She knows what a kitty cat, a duck, a cow and a snake all say.  I've also been trying to coach her on saying "please" so she'll stop acting like a caveman at meal times, when she sits there chanting "More!  More!"  The other day I was feeding her and listening to this, so I said, "Bria, what do you say?"  And she said, "Meow!"  We're still working on that one.

5. Alaina sang in her school concert on Wednesday.  We understand that we're pretty biased, but we think she did the best job out of all the kindergarteners.  She knew all the words and all the actions to the songs AND she said her lines loudly and clearly when it was her turn.  We were so proud of her.  It was great fun to watch her perform.

On to the adventure of the day...Alaina's first field trip!  We'll report on that next week.  Catch you then!

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