Friday, May 9, 2014

Quick 5

Last year our neighborhood (and yard) was overrun with bunnies.  This year there are NO bunnies.  I'm kind of glad not to see any, but where did they all go?  I find it vaguely creepy.

1.  I failed to mention some exciting news last week.  Last week Alaina had another eye appointment, as a follow up on how her glasses are working and all that.  We were going to discuss patching, since at her initial exam the lazy eye had such poor vision that the doctor thought we were going to have to patch her good eye just to teach the lazy one that it did indeed need to see.  Well, the doctor was surprised and delighted to find that we may not have to patch at all.  Even the bad eye has been almost completely corrected with glasses, which means it IS responding without force.  This is great news!  Alaina was kind of looking forward to the patches (so she and her pal Macy could be Patch Buddies), but I was not.  It sounded like a terribly frustrating experience.  We go back at the end of June just to make sure, but it looks like glasses are all she'll need.  Thank you Lord!

2.  Last Saturday Bria began walking.  She had been taking steps for a few weeks, but something seemed to click last Saturday and now all she does is walk.  I've hardly seen her play with toys all week; she just wants to walk.  She'll pick a toy up and carry it around, but she wants to be doing laps at all times.  And if I let her out of the living room then all she wants to do is walk and carry things she shouldn't carry and touch things she shouldn't touch.  It's probably time for me to dig out some shoes for her, eh?

3.  This week we ran an errand to King Soopers.  I haven't been there in awhile, since they opened the Walmart Neighborhood Market just down the street, but I knew they had something on sale that I wanted, and I get tired of going to Walmart.  Plus they have Car Carts, which the girls love.  Bria got to ride in the car for the first time in her little life.  She loved it.  She spent most of the time leaning out the window (thank you seat belt!) or hanging her legs out the window.  It was a great source of entertainment to many of the other shoppers (all who were elderly).  Little things like that remind me that she won't be a baby forever.
4.  Wednesday night was AWANA Award night.  Alaina was recognized for finishing her First Sparky book, plus the review, plus the extra credit.  Her little green ribbon is her pride and joy right now.  Joya couldn't quite understand why she wasn't on stage with all the kids who were her size, but for the thousandth time this year, I explained that she would be in Cubbies in the fall.  Another year of AWANA is in the books.
5.  The rest of this month is a big month for us.  Next week we have Alaina's school concert, where her class will sing four songs and she'll have a few lines, and her school field trip, that I am lucky enough to get to be a chaperone on.  And the following week is Alaina's kindergarten graduation.  These are exciting times in the Kimble house.

Hope you stay warm on Mother's Day!  (Because it looks like we'll get three inches of snow here.  Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like having your kids cooped up inside with you. )  :)

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