Friday, June 20, 2014

Kansas City Quick 5

Adventures in Road Trip.

1.  The drive out was fine.  Okay.  Good, not great.  Bria fussed about 60% of the time (although Lee thinks it was more like 80%.  But let's not exaggerate.)  There was no ice storm this time, but there was some crazy wind.  And we had one small incident where we literally almost ran out of gas.  We were pushing through from breakfast and realized that we maybe should get gas.  I pointed out a sign for a station coming up, and then I got a text from my mom and Lee was enjoying Switchfoot and we blew right by the exit.  And then there were no more gas stations.  We have a Distance Til Empty gauge on the van, and it literally hit zero when we finally rolled into a station in Salina.  I was freaking out.  Lee wasn't.  But we won't make that mistake again.
Breakfast picnic in Kansas
2.  It's been non-stop fun since we got here.  Sunday was church and fun in the yard with bubbles and balls.  We were trying to get a specific picture of Bria for Melonie's wall, so she and I took about a hundred while she toddled around.  Alaina and Joya spent the afternoon splashing around in the puddles in the yard, having the time of their life.
None of these are The Picture, but they are some of my favorites
3.  Monday morning we picked blueberries.  Jim and Melonie have a friend who has a blueberry patch, and we went bright and early with Alaina and Joya.  We spent 45 minutes there and ended up with 10 pounds of blueberries.  To be honest, Joya might have eaten a half pound while we were there, but who can tell?

4. Tuesday we went swimming.  It turns out Joya is pretty fearless.  She was wearing floaties and at one point jumped into the deep water without asking for help.  Of course she went under and bobbed right up, but it scared her pretty good.  She got over it and went right back to paddling around. 
5.  Wednesday night Uncle Josh and Aunt Mindy came and Thursday we went to Deanna Rose, a children's petting zoo/farm.  It was raining when we got there, but we decided to push through anyway, since it was free to get in.  But the rain stopped shortly after we got there, and the girls got to see their fill of goats, ducks and pigs. 

There has also been some fishing and splashing in a wading pool and Angry Bird playing and Uncle Josh wrestling and dessert at every meal.  And we still have a couple of days of fun left.  It's been a good vacation.

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