Friday, June 6, 2014

Quick 5

Oh hail.  Seriously, last night we had TWO hail storms.  I hope my poor little tomato plant and zucchini plant survive to bear fruit.

1.  We've been very busy celebrating Alaina's birthday this week.  On Sunday we had a birthday party celebrating her and two very good friends Hayley and Ethan, who both turned 10 this week.  It was a gorgeous day and Lee was able to do one of his favorite things: grill.  Alaina received some great gifts, including her beloved ukulele.
This cake was not only professional and beautiful, it was DELICIOUS.  Thank you Christina!!
Three birthday kids, three moms, three cakes
Lee's proudest contribution to the party: grilled corn on the cob with homemade garlic herb butter

2.  On Alaina's actual birthday we went to Red Robin for dinner.  We love that her birthday burger and Lee's birthday burger coincide.  Alaina loved hearing the servers all sing her happy birthday and happily shared her birthday sundae with Joya.
Bria occupied herself by tearing up a napkin

3.  On her birthday Alaina opened some really cool gifts too.  She got her own digital camera and some awesome Birthday Bucks from Uncle Josh and Aunt Mindy.
4.  Bria had her 15 month well check-up this week.  She is growing as she should.  She's now 22 lbs and 32 inches tall, which puts her in the 90th percentile for height.  Which explains why she really can't fit into 12 month clothing any more. 

5. And finally, debuting their summer hair cuts, here are Joya and Alaina!

Thus ends week 2 of our summer break.  Peace out!

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