Friday, June 13, 2014

Quick 5

Someday the girls will be able to help me pack for a family vacation, right?

1.  Last Saturday we went on the Family Hike that our church arranged.  It was our first family hike ever, and the girls did okay.  It was close and not too far of a hike.  Joya fussed quite a bit, but she IS only three, and walking 2.6 or whatever miles was a lot for her.  But she got through it.  Bria fussed quite a bit, but I guess I DID make her miss her morning nap, and I've never trained her to sleep in the stroller.  But the hike was beautiful.  I highly recommend Roxborough State Park if you are looking for a really pretty piece of Colorado.
Ethan, Josh, Alaina & Joya
A Real Life shot - since Joya refused to smile for the camera
Elyssa & Bria, BFFs (whether they want to be or not)
2.  This is noteworthy to us; it may not be to the rest of the world.  But on Monday we actually went out to eat as a family at an actual sit-down restaurant for the second time this month.  Really, it was the second time this year.  And maybe the fourth or fifth time since having Bria.  Anyway, thanks to a coupon and a gift card (you know, Kimble style) we went to Texas Roadhouse.  The girls did quite well and we really enjoyed it.  It was even Kid's Night, so the girls got balloon animals.  We opted out of the face painting because we were going right home to take baths, but I offered the girls some tattoos instead, which they gladly agreed to.  We had forgotten how much we liked that place.

3.  Alaina had her 6-year check up this week.  6!  It's still a little weird to think we have a 6-year-old in the house.  She's 3 feet, 9 inches and 42 pounds.  She loved chatting with the doctor.  At one point the doctor asked her if she had trouble sleeping, to which Alaina said, "YES!!!  Sometimes Joya bothers me, even when I face the wall and try to sleep!"  I don't think that's what the doctor meant, but it was still funny.

4.  We had fun celebrating Lee's birthday this year.  I made him a brownie trifle and gave him the present that I had been dying to for weeks: his very own ukulele.  I also had our good friends just show up for dessert on that day.  He didn't know about that either, and I couldn't very well ask him to change out of his PJ pants that he had put on the minute he got home from work, or he would have known something was up.  It was fun to surprise him.

5.  Tomorrow we are driving across Kansas.  We are spending the week in Kansas City to visit Lee's parents and to celebrate my grandparents' 60th anniversary.  We have plans to swim and play and visit a petting zoo and maybe see a movie or two.  It's always a nice break and we're looking forward to it.

That's all, folks!

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