Friday, June 27, 2014

Quick 5

We're home and we're alive!

1.  Just a few leftover pics from our vacation:

Bria LOVED sitting on Grampa's lap.  I've never seen her just sit that way with anyone.  I consider her to be a momma's girl, and she doesn't even sit with me like she did with him.
Last Saturday we went to Art in the Park in Raymore.  The girls got to participate in a community art project by coloring on plastic water bottles that were then cut and made into a sculpture.  They always enjoy a good art project.

2.  The whole reason we went to Missouri at this time of the year was to celebrate my grandparents' 60th anniversary. I've always thought that it was pretty neat that my grandparents live about 30 minutes away from Lee's parents, so we can see my grandparents when we visit Lee's family or stay with Lee's family when we need to visit my grandparents.  That shindig took place on Sunday, and it was also fun to see cousins in a different place than we normally see them.
Joya, Alaina and Oliver chasing bubbles that Grammy was blowing for them
Playing in the toy room at the clubhouse
Joya getting beaned by a ball thrown by Apple Ben
3.  The ride home was...long.  Longer than it was going out.  We got to have breakfast in Junction City with Grammy, Grandad, Apple Ben, Uncle Nick, Aunt Jamie, Naomi, Oliver and Ellie.  Not only did we get to see family on the road, but we ate at an actual restaurant, rather than the typical McDonald's.  When we got out of the car for breakfast, Alaina spotted Nick across the parking lot and shouted, "There's Uncle Nick!  It's a miracle!"  I don't think she knew we were going to see them in such a random place.  Anyway, we stopped a few extra times to let Bria out to run around.  We hoped it would curb the fussiness.  It sort of did, I guess.  Really, all it did was add an extra two hours to our trip home.  It is what it is, though, and we think it's worth it.

4.  Bria is learning all sorts of new skills.  In Missouri she learned the art of saying, "No no no!!" to anyone and anything that is preventing her from fulfilling her agenda.  She learned to correctly identify an actual puppy and say "Ruff ruff!" (much to the chagrin of Henry, Aunt Mindy's basset hound.)  When we got home, she learned how to climb up on the couch all by herself.  And if we'll let her, I know she would be happy to quickly learn how to climb out of her high chair.  I'm praying that the Lord protects her from her own foolishness, because I can't keep my eyes on her every second of the day.

5.  And in Big News To Us, we've been enjoying a brand new smart TV.  It was an anniversary/Christmas gift from Lee's parents and it has been so fun.  Not only is it a TV from this century, but thanks to a well-timed sale we were able to spring for the upgrade for the actual smart TV, and once linked to our Amazon Prime account we've had a whole new world open up to us, beyond the over the air channels we usually see.  It's a fun new toy.

I'll let these girls send you off today:
Does this picture creep you out?  She was eating cherries, not trying out for a zombie flick.

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