Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick 5

Behold, the first fruits of our garden!
I didn't even notice they were growing, and suddenly there they were!  We, of course, grilled up these bad boys.  And I learned that two grilled zucchini aren't really enough for my family.  Oh well, more to come (I hope.)

1.  Last Friday we were able to meet Ben's lady, the lovely Cora, at the zoo.  Bria had to stay home and nap with Daddy, but Alaina, Joya and I went.  The day turned out to be full of misadventure that I don't really want to talk about, but the girls had fun and we were able to see plenty of animals.
The only picture I have to prove Cora was there.  Sorry about that Cora!

 2. It's been in the 90s all week, so we busted out the ol' swimming pool.  The girls learned the fine art of skimming bugs out before getting in.  It was fun to watch the girls practice their swimming lesson skills, and see Alaina swim under the water so much.  We also learned that this pool is a little too big and too deep for Bria right now.  She went under a couple of times, and then she decided that she had had enough of the pool.

3.  As promised, here are a few better pictures of Alaina during her swimming lessons.  The girls have done so well and gotten so brave.  Alaina learned to enjoy swimming under the water, and Joya went from jumping in the pool by holding the teacher's hands to jumping in the pool freestyle to be caught by her teacher.  We're sad the lessons ended today.
I forgot to mention that Alaina was the only girl in her class.  She loved it.  Joya was in a class of only girls.  She loved it.
4.  On Wednesday Sonic offered $1 hot dogs.  We can't pass up a deal like that.  So we called Apple Ben and he came with us.  I find it funny that in this super hot week, during that dinner it was windy, raining and 74 degrees.  Still worth a hot dog picnic though.

 5.  Finally, a few forgotten vacation pictures:

I'll let these ladies see you out:
Homemade chocolate pudding pops and a play date with Avery = a Lucky Lucky Day

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