Friday, August 1, 2014

Quick 5

The weather this week has been so wet and cool and wonderful.  Shades of those few summer days we spent in Alaska a couple of years ago.  #bliss

1.  This weekend is garage sale weekend.  I'll say it over and over, to anyone who has ears to hear: DO NOT wait 10 years to have a garage sale.  In honor of Garage Sale Weekend, you get a boring, abbreviated Quick 5 (mostly to pacify those members of my family who are cry babies and don't care how busy my life gets JUST GIVE THEM THE QUICK 5.)

2.  Next week school begins.  Not really, but we do have registration, and then the following week houses back to school night and then school starts.  But next week gets the whole ball rolling.  I am neither happy nor sad about it; it is what it is.  Another step in Alaina's life. Maybe I'm not mentally preparing for what it is actually going to be like when she goes to school full day.

3.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the relationship between Joya and Bria change and grow.  Really, for the past year and half it's been Alaina and Joya bumming around and Bria's just been a growing baby.  But Bria is almost old enough to play with others, and with Alaina gone for most of the day Joya and Bria will naturally become playmates.  The whole things should be fascinating.

4.  Our house is in a state of transition, as Bria figured out how to escape the cozy living room pen that we've made for her.  One day this week, while Lee was working from home at the kitchen table, he looked into the living room and didn't see Bria when he should have.  "Where's Bria?" he asked.  Bria then came from down the hall and poked her head around the corner of the dining room, very clearly outside of the gate.  So we've rearranged the gate to prevent her from coming into the kitchen, but giving her free reign of the living room and hall.  It's been high maintenance, as her main goal seems to be to inadvertently destroy all the books we have.  I'm hoping that a few days of freedom will wear off the newness of the books and she'll soon leave them alone, or at least learn how to handle them properly.

5.  And, just because we've been having so much fun looking at them, here's a little throwback for you:
Alaina and Joya, May 2011
Come to our garage sale!

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