Friday, August 15, 2014

Quick 5

There's something about mid-August that makes me want to go spend a few days at the YMCA Camp of the Rockies in Estes Park.

1.  Last Friday we were so lucky to be able to see our friend "Uncle" Joe.  Joe is Lee's old buddy who was the best man in our wedding, and now lives in Alaska with his lovely family.  He was down here on a job and came over for dinner.  It was so fun to see him, and the girls loved him too.  They hardly let him get a word in edgewise.  Our visits are with him are unfortunately few and far between, and we hope to see his whole family the next time.

2. Our newest addition to our household is a new table, brought to us by our garage sale and Craigslist.  It is the perfect size that we wanted and it was an amazing price.  Unfortunately, I think it's ugly.  It's a good, solid piece of furniture, just obviously dated.  Thanks to the encouragement of a friend and Pinterest I think we can paint it to update it.  It sounds like a huge project, but if I can truly make it like the ones I've seen then I will really love it.  But I'm trying to just be grateful, regardless of its appearance.  Like I said, it's the right size and it was the right price.  And I am thankful.
The cushions came with the table.  They're quite comfy.

 3.  With the new table came another change: Bria eats at the table with us now.  She had been doing a great job keeping the food on her plate at meals, so I moved her over.  She's like a real live human being now.

4.  This week I took Alaina on a special Before School Mommy Daughter Date.  We left the little girls at home to eat mac and cheese with Daddy, and she and I went to Panda Express.  It was her first time eating Chinese food out.  We had a nice visit, but she would have rather stayed home to eat mac and cheese with the little girls.  I guess it did turn out to be a special meal, since she got to have a cookie and lemonade for dinner and how often does that happen?  Oh well.
She had one bite of that delicious Chinese food and that was it.  I really enjoyed it later.

These two peas in a pod. Life is going to look so different next week.  We met Alaina's teacher, Mrs. Casassa, and she seems so nice and energetic.  Many of Alaina's friends are in her class again, and this girl is ready for first grade.

So ends the Summer of 2014.

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