Friday, August 8, 2014

Quick 5

August.  That month of the year that feels like one big countdown.

1.  I survived my first garage sale, thanks to my mom and Lee's parents, who were such big helps.  For two days I hardly saw my girls and hardly thought about their daily care, since they were in capable hands.  Instead I sat in a stuffed, lonely garage.  We made signs and put up ads and put up flags, but I just did not get the traffic that I thought I would on our busy street.  So that was disappointing.  But we did make a little and got rid of some stuff, and that's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, right?  So now that I've done one I know I can handle it.  And I'll try again in a couple of years.
Believe it or not, this chair actually sold
2.  Alaina did hang out with me quite a bit, but mostly to run her very own Fun Pop stand.  (Fun Pops are the dollar store version of Otter Pops.)  She made her stand the week before, and would sit out in front of the garage calling to anyone passing by.  Sometimes she called out when there was no one passing by.  She made $1.25, and now is as good a time as any to start implementing Financial Peace Junior.
3.  Grampa did help out with an awesome project (that I will reveal later, when it is completed), but it wasn't all work.  The girls spent many hours playing and reading with Gramma and Grampa. Bria doesn't let me read stories to her the way Grampa does.  I think it's time to come to terms with the fact that she likes both of her grandfathers more than me.

 4.  We went to church on Saturday night so we could go hiking on Sunday.  We found an amazing hiking place, even though we got lost and it took us twice as long to get there as we should have.  Once we got there we immediately ate lunch to pacify Bria, and then got to spend a grand total of 15 minutes actually hiking.  The point is, though, that it was a scouting trip and we're looking forward to going back when a.) we know exactly how to get there, b.) we can get there much much earlier to beat the crowds, and c.) Bria will be older and not as crabby.
Happy now, not so happy in about 10 minutes
Joya had loaded down her pockets with rocks to throw in the river, so she had to constantly pull up her pants

5.  Alaina is officially registered for first grade.  All her school supplies are ready.  All her uniforms are ready.  I just need to figure out the whole packing a lunch thing.  Next week is back to school night, and then it will be time to jump in to the school year.  So exciting.

Here's to the last week of summer vacation!

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