Friday, September 12, 2014

Quick 5

Today I am thankful that we never got around to taking the electric blanket off our bed in the spring.

1.  On Monday I left the little girls home with Lee and went to pick Alaina up after school.  I had gotten there about 10 minutes early, so I parked in line, turned off the car, but turned back on the power to listen to the radio and read a book.  Then the cars started moving, so I went to start my engine and POW everything shut off.  I didn't even have power locks. Of course there were cars lined up behind me and I couldn't even turn on my hazards, so I popped the hood and jumped out to let the other cars know they had to go around.  Thankfully almost immediately three people came running over to see if I needed help. I did. I needed jumper cables and a car to give me a jump.  In fairly short order the car was jumped and we all began to creep through the line.  I got about seven more car lengths along in line when, as I was driving forward, everything just shut off again. I had to do the same routine.  This time the gentleman that gave the jump helped me push the van into a parking spot, where we tried again to jump the car.  This time it wouldn't even do that.  I ran over to the kids and picked up Alaina then went back to the van to figure out what to do.  I thanked everyone who was helping me and said I was going to need to call my husband and a friend, because someone was going to need to come get us, since I had the carseats and Lee didn't.  But the guy and his wife insisted on bringing us home.  They had a van, so they loaded up all our car seats, his wife sat on the floor in the back and they took us home.  In my stressed out state of mind I only caught that her name was Maureen; I don't even remember his name.  But I was so grateful it died in the parking lot and not while I was driving down Kipling or something, because clearly that was a possibility.  Also, as embarrassing as it was, I was thankful it happened during the busiest time of after-school pick up because there were so many people around to help.  I got help instantly, without even really having to ask around.  There are some good families at Alaina's school.

2.  It truly was just the battery on the car.  It was so lame we had to get it towed for that reason, but at least that was an easy fix.  The van needed a few more things so it turned out to be pricey, as car things always tend to do, but the shop had it ready for us by Tuesday afternoon.  And we've never done anything to that van but change the oil for the past two years that we've had it, so we're trying to be grateful for that too.

3.  Alaina got a fun package in the mail this week: a tub of letter cookies from Gramma Kimble!  It's our first taste of anything from Trader Joe's and I'm pleased.  Of course we had to find the letters in their names:
I gave Alaina's to her in her school lunch, but since she ate them at snack she didn't take the time to spell out her name.  And now we have no more As.

4.  At 4:00 this morning I heard Joya wandering around.  I keep all our doors mostly closed; you know, partially cracked.  Well, I heard our door close and it freaked me out.  So I got out of bed and saw that the girl's door was normal.  I looked down the hall and saw Joya in the living room.  I asked her what she was doing and she said she didn't know.  So I sent her to bed.  Fast forward to this morning while she was coloring before room time.  I can't even remember exactly what she said, but she was singing a little song about cookies in the night.  So I said, "Joya, did you get up in the night and eat the letter cookies?"  She got that stricken I've Been Caught look on her face and finally nodded.  It now answers the question of what she was doing so far away from her bedroom at 4:00 in the morning.  She's never done anything like that before.  I always pray that the girls' sin will find them out, and it looks like this is a classic case.

5.  Oh Bria.  Her new thing is to play Dead Man when I put her to bed at night.  We brush her teeth and go into her room and she becomes like a dead man in my arms. She just becomes dead weight and it's very hard to get her settled in bed that way.  She giggles and then squirms and wiggles and generally doesn't cooperate.  She's not fussing, just playing a game.  A game I loathe.
Don't be fooled by that face
Enjoy the snowflakes today!

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