Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Joya!

Joya, you are 4 years old today!  We are amazed at your personality every day.  It's so different and wonderful.  You asked for birthday pie instead of birthday cake, for goodness' sake.  Where did you come up with that idea?  It was a good one.  You love to dress in pretty dresses and you love to do everything that Alaina is doing.  Your proudest moment this year was when you were able to play outside by yourself for the first time.  And going to Cubbies.  You love being a Cubbie.  And you love to tell jokes.

We pray that you learn to love Jesus.  We pray that you will hate sin and get caught when you're guilty.  We pray that you will learn to love others, and that you will always be aware of those around you and come up with ways that you can help them out.  We pray that you will grow in compassion and obedience this year, and that your joyful spirit is a blessing to everyone.

We love you so much, Joya Shae!  Happy Birthday!

Mom, Dad, Alaina & Bria

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