Friday, December 12, 2014

Quick 5

As soon as this weekend is over, I can start thinking about Christmas.

1.  Last week Alaina had a check up with the eye doctor to see how the patching was helping.  And apparently it has already done what it needs to do.  She is now seeing 20/20 out of her glasses.  Back in February the doctor had told me that her eye was so lazy that the best they could get her to see out of her glasses was maybe 20/40.  But Alaina was a champ at patching every day, so her eye is now trained.  So now we're on a vacation from patching.  She'll go in for her annual exam at the end of February and if it's still registering 20/20 through her glasses, then we're good.  Things might slip a little, and then we'll just have to patch again, but for now we don't have to worry about it.  It took Alaina a few days to remember to not put on her patch after homework each day, but we're in the swing of things now.

2.  Alaina was also awarded a Core Value award at school last week.  Each week one kid is nominated from their grade for an award in whatever the core value focus is for the week.  Alaina got the Quality Award, for always turning in quality work.  She got a lovely certificate, and a free kids meal with drink and dessert from Gunther Toody's.  She was very proud.

3.  This week has been all Christmas Program rehearsal all the time.  So Alaina and Joya have been not getting to bed until close to 9:00 each night.  But the late nights are over, and now we just have the actual performances left.  Alaina and Joya are amazing. I think the rest of the show is going to be pretty good too.

4.  On Monday night at 9:00 Bria started fussing in her bed.  She had been in bed for a few hours, so I let her fuss for a few minutes before going in.  And I opened the door to the lovely stench of someone who had been sick in her bed.  Daddy had to give her another bath while I cleaned up the sheets.  I rocked her for about 30 minutes, in which she barfed again.  Then she woke up two or three more times to be sick in the night.  All before our week of rehearsals.  So Grammy came to the rescue and watched Bria on Tuesday night so the rest of us could go to the church. Bria was mostly fine by then, but her appetite even today is still way off.  They say a few of the kids from MOPS were sick this week, which is where she probably picked up the lovely germ.  I was actually relieved to hear that, since I'd rather know where she got the germs than just to deal with a random illness.  So far the rest of us have not been affected, and we're praying for the Lord's protection over our health so we can get through the weekend.

5.  A conversation I had with Joya this week, in the car while listening to John Denver and the Muppets in the car:
Joya: Mom, who is this singing?
Me: It's John Denver.
Joya: What is he?
Me: A guy.
Joya: A man?
Me: Yes.
Joya: You mean a human?
Oh how to explain John Denver to a 4-year-old.


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