Friday, January 2, 2015

Quick 5 - The Remnants of Christmas

Our Christmas break is coming to an end.  It's been full and I've enjoyed it thoroughly, but I'm getting excited to get back into our normal routine.

1.  Lee and I purposed in our hearts to not take a bunch of pictures this year at Christmas.  The unwrapping presents pictures never turn out anyway, and we wanted to watch everything in real life, not through the screen of a camera.  So we don't have a lot.  But we do have some.
 2.  Christmas was all cousin fun, all the time.  Decorating cookies, eating meals, playing.  It's been fun to watch their play become more organized and peaceful as they all get older.  This Christmas was crazy, but also much more pleasant, now that we don't have a herd of irrational three-year-olds. 
 3. My mom's birthday is the day after Christmas, and we celebrated by going swimming, of course.  There is a great rec center with an incredible indoor pool near my parents' house, and they can get us in a discount.  It was so fun to play around there, especially since while we were swimming it was snowing outside.  Then we got babysitters for the kids and went out as grown ups to the Melting Pot for dinner.  A lovely time was had by all.
4.  We also had a great time visiting with my siblings. Who wouldn't want to hang out with these lovely people?
 5.  The only downside has been the tummy troubles my family is battling.  I'll spare you the details, but it's made a few days unpleasant, here and there.  Especially for a 22 month old who can't do anything but cry because her tummy hurts.  (She's much better now, thanks for asking.)  Plus it's been stupid cold.  But the girls still got to play outside, and will do more of that over the next couple of days as the weather warms into the more tolerable 30s.

 That's a wrap!  Welcome 2015.  Join us next week for our next chapter, entitled "Bunk Beds."

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