Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick 5

Oh, Broncos.

1.  Remember all that stuff I said last week about the bread maker and making bread?  Scratch all that.  The bread maker decided that it has lived its life to the fullest, and no longer feels the need to exert its energy.  I guess we have to respect that.

2.  Big News #1: The bunk bed is up!  The girls love it and I've already forgotten life without it.  It did require a bit of creative hardware buying on Lee's part to finish the job, but it's up and sturdy and ready for years and years of use.
3. Big News #2: Today we significantly lightened the heavy millstone of debt that has been hanging around our necks for the past 10 years.  Life was uncertain last year when Lee's company told us last January that he would no longer be employed there come the end of the year. But they needed him to stay, so they offered him several retention bonuses.  Obviously he stuck it out and they decided to keep him indefinitely, but they still gave him the bonuses they promised.  So because Lee didn't cut his losses and look for a new job, we were able to take the bonuses and pay off his student loans.  Now all that are left are mine, and since we were finally able to get Dave Ramsey's snowball moving, we'll be out of debt in a little over three years.  Of course we hope to cut that down sooner, but it is so wonderful to know that the end is in sight, and not just a nebulous dream out there.  I'm terribly excited about it.

4.  I've been teaching the girls card games lately.  They love Uno, and they love Go Fish.  Last night I tried to teach them Old Maid.  Now, if you remember, Old Maid is all about secrecy.  Don't let the other players know what cards you have in your hand, because you want them to draw the Old Maid.  Joya was surprisingly good at having no reaction when she drew cards.  Alaina was terrible.  That girl wears her emotions on her sleeve, cheering when she got a regular card and growling when she got the Old Maid.  It is surprising to say that out of the two games we played, though, she didn't end up with the Old Maid once.  We'll stick to Go Fish for now.

5. I think you need to see a few recent pics of my funny, lovely girls:
Peace out!

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