Friday, January 30, 2015

Quick 5

Ever read Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan?  You should.  Funny stuff.

1.  Lee and the girls finally got around to playing out in the snow, just before the snow melted away during our end-of-January 70 degree days.  It was Bria's first time playing in the snow.  I thought for sure, given her propensity to stripping down to just her diaper inside the house, that she would absolutely reject having all the layers on that are required for outdoor snow play.  Especially the mittens, which were a little large to begin with.  But she embraced it like she's been doing it her whole life.  And threw a spectacular fit when it came time to drag her indoors.  Anyway, they managed to scrape together a snowman.  Which Alaina destroyed about 30 minutes later, because she was worried it was going to be destroyed by the nocturnal life.  We had a discussion about asking before destroying such things, as well as the capabilities of said nocturnal life.
2.  Lee is still gamely hanging up things I find for him to hang up on our walls.  I tell him that every time he hangs something on the wall, I feel a little more settled.  He wants to know how long it will be before I feel completely settled.  It's so funny when husbands ask questions like that, isn't it?  Anyway, here is our newest addition, a la Pinterest:
Our fridge was out of control with the girls' artwork, plus all the ABC magnets that Bria likes to play with.  So two curtain rods + hanging clips = plenty of space to hang up artwork. 

3.  I thought you'd be as impressed as we were with this drawing that Joya did:
It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang.  From left to right that's Donald Duck, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Daisy.  We think that Donald is pretty amazing.  And it's amazing that she drew this from memory.  I love artwork from a 4-year-old.

4.  Bria's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching.  That time of year when I completely fry my brain trying to think of presents she would like.  Since family has been asking, here's what I've come up with:
*She loves Minnie Mouse.  She has even commandeered a small stuffed Minnie Mouse that Apple Ben gave to Joya on her second birthday.  Joya is not happy about it, but for now that Minnie Mouse lives in Bria's crib so she won't cry for it when she should be sleeping.  I'm sure we can find her her own so Joya can have hers back.  But anything Minnie Mouse would be a big hit. Especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs featuring Minnie.
*Since Joya is quite into My Little Ponies, a few for Bria would be a good idea, just to cut down on the tug of war that goes on when the Ponies come out to play.
*She also quite enjoys puzzles.  We have a few, but new ones are always a hit.
*She wears a size 2T, and size 5 shoe

5.  The Kimble house is boycotting the Superbowl this year.  Which is unfortunate, because we really enjoy watching football.  But we feel like this year it has come down to Team Arrogance vs. Team Cheaters.  I want them both to lose so bad.  That's not going to happen, so we're just not going to watch.  There's no reason two odious teams should keep us from queso, though.

Here's a teaser to a project Alaina initiated all on her own.  She has the finished project with her at school today, so you'll have to wait to get the story next week.
Subject: the Revolutionary War.  Stay tuned!

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