Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Bria!

Bria Faith!  You are 2 today!  You are so funny and goofy.  You love to sing.  You love to play with whatever toy your sister is playing with.  And you definitely do not want to be left out of things.  You can count to eleven, you have an impressive repertoire of animal sounds, and you can correctly label all the body parts on my face.  My favorite time of the day is bedtime, when I zip you in your sleep sack and then we cuddle in the rocking chair for a few minutes.  You always sing the bedtime songs with me.

We love you so much.  We pray that God protects your life and your health.  We pray that if there are any seeds of rebellion in you that God will root them out and squash them before they grow.  We pray that God draws you to Him at an early age, and that you hate sin and get caught when you're guilty.

You have a big year ahead of you.  You will be learning so many things and becoming more kid and less baby every day.  We love having you in our family.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Mommy, Da-ad, Leena and Jewa


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