Friday, March 6, 2015

Quick 5

Spring forward, people.

1.  I'm starting to think that maybe one day our house will be illness free again.  Last week I went to the Little Clinic in King Soopers.  It was a wonderful experience.  I knew I probably had a sinus infection, and my doctor's office is pretty tricky to get into on short notice.  But The Little Clinic is a walk in deal.  No appointment.  No one was there when I went, so I was seen right away.  I saw a lovely nurse practitioner and an RN in training.  I got my meds and went on my way.  AND it was cheaper than if I had gone to my doctor's office.  A visit for most things at the little clinic is $85, which will run through my insurance.  It would have been well over $100 at my GP.  If you ever know you have something and just need confirmation and maybe some meds, go to the Little Clinic.  No need to monkey around with a doctor's office, getting there 15 minutes before your appointment like they ask you to, and being seen 45 minutes after your appointment because that's how doctors' offices roll.

2.  Alaina is sporting a new pair of specs.  She picked them out all by herself again.  I'm learning that her tastes and my tastes do not exactly match up, and that's okay. 
3.  Last Saturday I took Joya to Happy Hearts, the preschool event at our church.  The sad news for me was it started at 9:00am.  This is sad because Joya gets up at 6:30, and I had to hear "Can we go? Can we go? Can we go?" for almost two hours before we could go.  I asked them to please make the start time 7:00am next year, but I don't think they're going to do that.  Anyway, we had fun.  We ate pancakes and sausage and did crafts and played games and jumped in the bouncy house and watched a puppet show.  It was nice to just have some Mommy/Joya time too.  Next year Bria will come with us.
 4. Alaina had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  It was held at a karate studio, and she had the time of her life.  She learned to jab and cross and block and kick.  She had pizza and cake and ice cream. It was probably one of the coolest birthday parties ever.  She would LOVE to take karate lessons, but I'm not sure of the whole It Costs Money Every Month thing, plus the Two Sessions Each Week thing.  Maybe someday. (P.S. Sorry the pics are terrible quality, but you get the idea.)
 5.  We finally got to celebrate Bria's birthday.  She is feeling fine and there was no debilitating weather.  Grammy and Grandad and Uncle Nick and Aunt Jamie and Naomi and Oliver and Elli came over and we ate pizza and cupcakes.  For days afterward, though, Bria asked, "Grammy go bye bye?" "Omi go bye bye?" repeatedly.  She apparently loved having company over.
 Peace out!

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Jordan Garner said...

If you guys decide to put the girls in martial arts classes let me know. Clayton helps run a place near simms and Bellview.They focus a lot on education and self defense, and have classes for every age. Oli will be starting in May. Jordan