Friday, March 20, 2015

Quick 5

Today is the first day of spring, and I see buds on the trees.  I'm not getting my hopes up, though.  We have our best winter weather in spring.

1.  Alaina wrote the sweetest note to her teacher.  I suppose it's really up to Mrs. Casassa to say whether it's sweet or not, but I thought it was so precious:
Her love language just might be words of encouragement, because I in no way prompted her to do this.

2.  In other writing news, here is Alaina's report on John Adams.  Today is Liberty Day, the culmination of all the work first grade has done studying the Revolutionary War.  There will be a play with songs, and a food fair, where the kids get to sample foods that are best known from the 13 original colonies. 
3.  Our leprechaun made an appearance on Tuesday.  At first we thought he missed us, because we didn't see anything awry.  But then when I poured the milk into the girls' cereal bowls, this happened:
The milk was white when it came out, and green in the bowl.  Joya took quite a bit of convincing that she could actually eat it, but she finally agreed. 
4.  My washing machine has become my arch nemesis.  I'm grateful for it; we didn't pay a dime for it (I think.)  I believe we got it from my parents when they moved out of their house and we were still living there.  It looks nice and all.  But lately it has been moodier than a 7th grade girl.  As in, IT will decide whether it will or will not spin during the spin cycle.  So it's a crap shoot whether or not I'll have to redo the spin cycle when I go to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  It takes about 5 minutes to do the spin cycle, so that really messes up my time table.  Then the other day I went to start the machine, and it wouldn't turn on until I moved the knobs a certain number of times.  What is the magic number? I don't know.  It won't tell me.  Anyway, I try to tell myself that it will be okay.  At least it isn't as bad as the Heck's.  (You know, from The Middle?  Their washing machine involves duct tape every time they use it.) 

5.  I feel like I have to apologize to the month of March.  I've never liked it.  It moves slower than molassas.  Every March lasts approximately four years.  But this year it has flown by.  Next week is Spring Break already, and then March will be over.  Who knew?  (Of course, one fast March out of 32 does NOT erase the years of torture.  Maybe I'll forgive March, but withhold trust until it proves itself trustworthy.  That's healthy, right?)

May your Spring be full of warmth and green and absent of snow and cold.

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