Friday, March 27, 2015

Quick 5

Hearing birds chirp outside my window in the dark makes it much easier to get up before 6:00 each day.

1.  Because who doesn't sleep with three different Minnies?

2.  I didn't get any pictures (mom fail, I guess) but Alaina's Liberty Day program was SO CUTE.  The first graders did amazing on their songs and all their lines.  Their lines were complicated and technical, since much of it came from actual documents surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and they did such a great job.  I found myself getting choked up as I listened to them, because I'm not sure that we realize what a big deal it was back then to do what they did.  I mean, we know but we don't KNOW.  The fact that those men were fully aware that they were signing their death warrant, but they were going to do it anyway, even if it all tanked.  Anyway, it was cute.

3.  This has been a lovely Spring Break.  It's been mostly life as usual with naps and errands, but minus the rushing to get to school and the interruption of pick up.  I feel all kinds of pressure to make school breaks amazing, but then I think that I don't remember spring break when I was in first grade, and neither will Alaina, so let's not spend tons of money and time on things she won't remember, and just enjoy an easy home life week.

4.  I would bore you if I took pictures of Joya every day now that I've given her full creative control over her wardrobe, but let's just say it's going exactly how I thought it would.  And the neat part about it has been to see her personality shine through.  The girl has not touched a pair of jeans all week, instead solely focusing on her skirts and leggings.  I'm fighting back Mommy Guilt at the idea that I've been suppressing that her whole life.  I mean, I wear jeans every day, so I just figured she would too.  So much for forcing her into my box.

5.  And just because the girls are cute:

So long March!  You weren't terrible this year!

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