Friday, April 3, 2015

Quick 5

It was 78 degrees on Tuesday, so of course it snowed last night.

1. We had such nice weather for the end of Spring Break.  We commandeered Grammy and went to the park for fun and picnic on Friday.  The pictures speak for themselves.
 2.  Lee got up extra early on Saturday to take Alaina for a special date to Dunkin Donuts.  A new shop opened up 1.6 miles from our house, so he woke her up and took her in her jammies.  She loved it.  (Joya was not amused.)

3.  The Tooth Fairy had a reason to visit Monday night.
It's hard to see where she lost the tooth, because the big tooth was already right behind it.  Which is why she lost the tooth.  It's exciting every time a tooth gets pulled.  I asked her if she wanted me to pull it for her, but she declined and pulled her own like a champ.

4.  The day that Alaina lost her tooth, Joya decided to try and catch a Frisbee with her face.  Her face lost, and the result was a chipped tooth.  She has quite the snaggletooth now.  We've been to see our dentist, who recommended we see his wife, who happens to be a pediatric dentist.  The repair will be just a bit more than a simple filling, and she has the best tools for that.  So we'll go on Monday.  I'm still a little nervous about it, since Joya is NOT my cooperative child, but I do know Dr. Beth and I know she's amazing.  And super nice.  In fact, she came to my baby shower when I was pregnant with Alaina, so we go way back.  And I have full confidence that she'll know how to handle a non-cooperative four-year-old.
5.  If the camera comes out, you better NOT forget about Bria!  She wants her picture taken all the time.  They all look almost identical to this:
And then she wants to see the picture.  Back in my day we had to wait WEEKS before we could see pictures of ourselves.  She will never understand that.

He is RISEN!!

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