Friday, May 15, 2015

Quick 5

Oh week.  You weren't that kind to us.

1.  Well, we had a lovely Saturday.  We spent the day at my parents' house so my sister and I could go to a Mother's Day luncheon with my mom.  It was nice.  Not a lot of food, but still nice to have a few hours without crying and screaming.  We saw a fun fashion show and I sat next to a lovely 71-year-old lady who offered me a Cuban cigar.  (It was an empty offer; they were a gift for her brother, but she had them in her purse and thought it was hilarious.) 
2. Then the earth opened up and swallowed our basement with water.  Okay, fine I exaggerate.  It was only half of our basement.  Just our laundry room, our storage room and half of the carpeted area.  Thankfully my parents came to the rescue to watch the girls while I helped bail out water.  Then Lee, my dad, and our good friend Travis monkeyed around with the sump pump and got that working, which drained the water like magic.  So we used a shop vac and a Rug Doctor to suck up the rest of the water from the carpet.  It took us a few days to clean out the storage room and NO we weren't smart enough to have our stuff in plastic tubs or off the floor, so we did lose quite a bit, including a box that had all my treasured projects and awards from my school years (goodbye high school newspapers!  goodbye collages I made in Mrs. Powers' class! goodbye 6th grade Outdoor Lab project!)  And my box of girlhood journals also got soaked, but I'm still trying to dry those out because I cannot bring myself to throw them away. 

3.  I suppose I DID get a Mother's Day present that was not a disaster; Alaina made me this candle at school.  The tissue wrap was put on backward, but I still love it. P.S. The presentation you see here was completely Alaina's doing. 
4. Anyway, back to the carpet.  Our house now has a horrific odor.  We've been running fans 24/7 since Sunday, but the carpet is still slightly damp. Which probably means we have mold.  Which probably means we're going to have to replace the carpet, which was not an expense we had planned on.  Supposedly a guy is coming over today, but as I told them on the phone about the smell all they could talk about was mold.  We're trying not to despair.

5. The bright spot of the week was Alaina's music program.  Well, not the fact that the school told us it was the K-2 music program, and then snuck in the beginner band, the concert band, the choir and the dancers.  But the K-2 program was so fun.  Alaina even got a speaking part, which she rocked, of course.

One more week of school!  Oh summer, come quickly!

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