Friday, May 8, 2015

Quick 5

I love May, because the grass and mountains are actually green, and not brown like they are the rest of the year.

1.  I've always wondered what it was like to live in Seattle.  I think now we know.  On one hand I love it, because it rarely rains for a full week.  But on the other hand, I'm like "Oy with the rain already!"  My big planter in the front is FULL of water.  Will I even be able to plant anything in it this year, or am I going to have to dump out the sludge and start over with fresh dirt?  And I had no idea we had so many worms and slugs around our house.  Lee picks up the huge worms off our patio and puts them in the garden, and Bria learned a new phrase: "Don't step on the slugs!" 

2.  For over a year now Alaina has been asking for a wagon.  It's perpetually on her birthday/Christmas list.  So I thought I should probably buckle down and get serious about searching for a used one, even though I'm now thoroughly freaked out about Craigslist (the woman stole a baby out of the mother's WOMB for goodness' sake!)  But then a guy I work with at church mentioned he was getting rid of some of his kids' stuff, and lo and behold on the list was a wagon!  A good one too; the kind with the panels that flip up so there are seats.  Alaina wasn't as thrilled as I thought she'd be, because she immediately deduced she'd have to share it with her sisters, but such is life.  I'm pretty stoked.  Thanks Jason!

3.  The girls participated in the AWANA awards ceremony this week, with both of them getting ribbons for finishing their books.  They are so proud and they treasure those little ribbons.  I'm torn between letting them cart them all over creation all day and putting them away in their keepsake tubs.
Robert TOTALLY hijaked this picture.  Oh well, he's only three.

4. Sometimes when your husband works from home, you decide to make BLTs for lunch.  So you go to the store and come home and realize you forgot to buy a tomato.  So instead he makes bacon burgers.  For lunch.  On a weekday.

5. Joya has taken to doing concerts a lot.  Usually after Bria is in bed.  She also wants us to video them and send them to Gramma and Grammy.  So you might see those pop up on Facebook A LOT. The other day we were driving home from the store, and she said that she had gotten to talk to Gramma on the phone.  I asked her what she talked about, and she said, "Oh, all the delicious meals."  Apparently she can spend a lot of time waxing eloquent about the joys of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Happy Mother's Day!  :)

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