Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday Alaina!

Happy Birthday Alaina! You're 7!! You're like a real, full grown kid. Having you as a baby was a dream come true, but we never knew what a joy it would be to watch you grow and learn. You are thriving in school and have such a thirst for learning. You often come to me with facts about things that I never knew, and you know them just because you read it somewhere. You are funny and kind and such a big help to all the grown-ups. Right now you want to be either a firefighter or a vet when you grow up. You love to read Captain Underpants books, and you like Legos and ninjas. I love watching you learn to do things for yourself, like making your own breakfast and getting yourself ready in the morning, from getting dressed to brushing your teeth. I'm sad that you think you're too big to hold my hand, but sometimes you forget that's a rule you made and you hold my hand anyway.

We pray that you'll grow to love Jesus more and more this year. We pray that you hate sin and get caught when you're guilty, and that you'll always learn to think of others more often than you think of yourself. We pray that God protects your life and your health, and that He gives you the wisdom you need to have a great year in 2nd grade.

We love you so much!!

Mom, Dad, Joya & Bria


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