Friday, June 5, 2015

Quick 5 - Birthday Edition

In lieu of one single party, we decided to make Alaina's 7th birthday a days-long event.

1. It all started Sunday with Alaina's birthday treat of choice: ice cream cones. I put a candle in one, and we got to share the moment with Gramma and Grampa via Skype. Summer birthdays are the best because of all the ice cream options that make the most sense.
 2. Then came our traditional Red Robin birthday burger. Because Alaina and Lee's birthdays are so close together, we get to go enjoy TWO free burgers around Alaina's birthday. (And by burger, I DO mean grilled cheese for Alaina.) The girls were so thrilled to eat in an actual restaurant, it didn't really matter what they ate.
3. Then on her actual birthday, she got to eat the cereal she picked out for the week: Chocolate Lucky Charms. It was the treat that kept on giving, since there are still a few bowls left.
4. And then she had a fun day with her BFF, Avery. We had a picnic at the park (which ended early when Bria face planted into the concrete), then the girls built her new Legos and ate popsicles. THEN Grammy came and took the girls to paint pottery and then to eat at Texas Roadhouse, where Alaina got to sit on the birthday saddle. But wait, there's more! Since Lee and I had things to do at the church, Alaina got to go spend the night at Grammy's all by herself. It's like she doesn't even need her mom anymore.
 4.1. Remember these two?
Or these?

5. We do have quite the summer project. We're working as much as we can at Redemption Gardens, a garden that is being built at our church. I've shoveled alpaca poo, spread dead leaves and watered, and this week we got to begin planting. We've planted peas, corn, squash, pumpkins and beans. The girls have helped, but mostly they like to play with Abby on the playground. We can't wait to try the vegetables that are going to come out of this garden.

I need a nap.

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