Friday, June 19, 2015

Quick 5

We've had an incredibly busy week, and I don't feel like we have a lot to show for it!

1. Next week will be the bomb. Our Kimble family is all coming to town, and then we're going to spend the week at a condo up in Winter Park. I hear it is supposed to be in the 90s for Denver next week, which means low 80s for the mountains. Our timing is impeccable.

2. Our basement restoration is almost complete. Lee finished painting and we finally got all of our stuff under control. I am no longer ashamed of our basement. It's quite lovely down there. And clean. And worthy of guests.

3. I finally planted my garden. It seemed like it was now or never, so I bought some plants from Lowe's and put them in. I put in zucchini, sugar snap peas, an heirloom tomato and red bell peppers. And of course there is our ever thriving raspberry bush. We just might get fruit out of that this year (if we can beat the birds to it.)

4. Today is our 11th anniversary. We're celebrating big, going to see a movie in a real theater that has been out for less than two weeks! Then we'll go to Bonefish Grill, and probably hit Lowe's afterward.  This is married life, folks. And my heart is happy.

5. I forgot to add this last week. Is it because I'm jaded to the wonder of them? I hope not! May it never be so!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

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