Friday, July 10, 2015

Quick 5

Welcome back, sunshine!

1. Last Friday we went to my happy place to celebrate my birthday: Blue Parrot. The service was terrible, but our love of that spaghetti covered that sin. My sister and her family came up to join us, and surprisingly all the kids did really well even with the wait time. So we walked to a wonderful little park after dinner to get the wiggles out before making the long trek home.

2. We celebrated our independence by staying home on the 4th. It was glorious. It was hot, so the parks didn't seem like a good idea (due to the molten hot slides). And we didn't have any other plans. So Lee blew up the swimming pool, and the girls frolicked in there. We had brats and potato salad and capped off the evening with smores made in our unauthorized fire pit.

3. Yes, Alaina is wearing different glasses. They're her old, spare pair. Her new ones are in for repair. Alaina was sure no one would recognize her this week.

4. Bria now thinks it is completely unreasonable that I will not let her be in the pool all day every day. Well, this week has been so chilly. Yes, I've made the girls go to their swim lessons, even though the temp rarely got above 60 each morning. But I put my foot down at letting them swim in our unheated, bug filled backyard pool while it was raining.

5. I have two HUGE things on my radar: moving Bria to a big girl bed, and potty training. Seriously, she tells me about 80% of the time right after she's gone, which means she may just need a push over the edge into full blown potty training. But oh, how I dread. Maybe all she needs is a day to really understand. Maybe this will launch us into months and months of tears. It's hard to say. But maybe both of those things will be attempted over the next couple of weeks. Anyone want to teach me how to drink wine?

Did you know that last Friday marked the half-way point of summer? So now there are only five weeks left until school starts. Chew on that for awhile.

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