Friday, July 17, 2015

Quick 5

I can't stop staring at this picture:
1. Last weekend was another church family hike. Except we didn't go, because the hike was on a trail that was NOT wagon friendly. And we need that wagon. So we went walking in Waterton Canyon instead. And we learned that Waterton Canyon will be a great place to go when we can all ride bikes someday, but isn't the greatest walk. We also learned that Bria has healthy lungs and can project her voice quite far.
2. I also can't stop staring at this face:
Not only did she lose a milestone front tooth, but I got to pull it out, which is one of the joys of my life. The tooth was dangling hard core, but still stuck in there pretty good. So I made Alaina suck on an ice cube for awhile, then I used a tissue and yanked it out. So fun. For all of us.

3. Alaina's BFF Avery introduced Alaina to the practice of writing to the Tooth Fairy. So here is Alaina's letter:
It says, "Dear Tooth Fariy, Thank you for the 3 dollars! Is it okay if I get 3 coins for one tooth? If you can, that'll be grate. I hope you respond. The adorable sleeping kid, Alaina."  Well, lo and behold the Tooth Fairy DID write back:
She wrote, "Hi Alaina! Thank you for your note! I can only give you one coin, because that is all I can carry! Plus, the leprechauns get mad and play mean tricks on me if I give more than one. Love, Your Tooth Fairy Ivy."  I think we learned a lot from the whole experience.
4. Tuesday was out most favorite day of the year: Cow Appreciation Day. We went to an early dinner so Lee could go to worship practice, and we met our friends the Singletons there. It was their first Cow Appreciation Day experience, and it was fun to walk them through it. However, Bria the Two Year Old was there in full glory, so I don't really have good pictures this year. Thankfully Chick-Fil-A got one of our whole family.
 5. Daddy invented a new dessert for the girls. When you have graham crackers, peanut butter, Easter M&Ms and marshmallows in your pantry, you might as well smoosh them all together.

And so enter the Dog Days of Summer. May your days be warm and may you have a thunderstorm every afternoon to drop the temp 15 degrees!

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