Friday, July 31, 2015

Quick 5

Not much new to report. This week has been marked by illness and injury, and this momma is tired.

1. Alaina and Joya came down with some funky virus on Friday. We realized they both had fevers, which were fairly high. When girls are sick, Mom doesn't sleep well. They both got up in the night to use the bathroom, and of course I heard every movement. Thankfully there was no digestive sickness, but just knowing they were restless made me restless. Saturday was a fever day, and Sunday was a one fever plus sore throats day. I took them to the doctor on Monday for strep tests, but they were negative. Then by Monday afternoon they were both much better...just in time for Bria to spike her fever. She had a high fever through most of the night, and then a sore throat for the next couple of days. Have you ever been around a toddler that has a sore throat? So. Much. Screaming. I pushed water on her as much as I could, and gave her straight up honey too. That seemed to help. But by yesterday she was back to 100%. So we survived.

2. On Sunday Lee conquered a fourteener with my brother. Ben invited him to hike Gray's Peak with him and some of his friends, and Lee was excited to do so. They did it, and he took so many beautiful pictures.
Gray's Peak, 14,278 ft.

3. We knew Lee would be sore after an adventure like that. We didn't know it would destroy his knees. He's been practically out of commission all week because of the pain in his knees. You just don't heal as fast when you get old.

4. Alaina has been soaking up summer as best as she can. Two more full weeks of vacation, then school starts. It's both exciting and surreal.
5. And then there are these two goofy girls:

Goodbye July! Catch you next year!

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