Friday, July 3, 2015

Quick 8: 49,000 Words

A picture is worth a thousand words. So here are thousands and thousands of words cluing you into the fun we've had the past two weeks.

1. We spent a few days in Winter Park with Lee's folks and his sister and brother-in-law. I forgot how good the mountains are for the soul. Our days were filled with non-stop fun. First up: the playground.
 2. Next up: a picnic. Bria discovered her most favorite thing to do in the whole world - throw rocks into streams, ponds and rivers.

3. There is a great trail along a river in Winter Park. The walk was magical.
A very rare Lee sighting
See? Magical.
4. Alaina and Joya got to go fishing with Daddy and Grampa. There was a pond just for kids. Joya managed to be the only one to actually snag a fish.
Joya proves there is no need to look like a drudge while fishing.
5. There is a great rec center in Winter Park that had an awesome pool. We spent some quality time there.
 6. Then we got back and jumped right into swimming lessons. It is very fun to watch the girls become comfortable in the water.
Joya's lesson gets done 10 minutes before Alaina's, so she huddles while she eats a snack.
7. Most of the time I get to leave Bria at home with Daddy, but I've had to take her a couple of times this week. The first day was bad, as she slowly realized that she would NOT, in fact, be getting in the pool. The second day was much better, as she made peace with her fate and embraced the peace offerings of snacks and suckers and bubbles that I brought for her.
8. Bria joined the Big Girl club and had her first dental check up. She handled it like a pro. She was so excited to get in the chair and didn't bite anyone. She didn't let them floss, though. She thought that the visit should be over before that point. But she got back in there and let the dentist have a look too. I had no idea she would be that cooperative.

In Alaina's words, "June just FLEW by!!" Catch you next week!

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