Friday, August 14, 2015

Quick 5

Summer is over.

1. We had a great time at my nephew's Super Hero birthday party on Saturday. Here is how Joya dressed for the event:
Every super hero needs a princess to save, right? My niece was a Super Hero Princess, but Joya was just a's important that you get that detail right.

2. On Wednesday we had a play date with Alaina's buddy Owen. We went to a park with fountains, and I tried to get the girls to wear their swimsuits. They declined. But Owen and his sister were wearing their suits and therefore jumped right in the fountains. And then so did all three of my girls. Fully clothed. There was a little stream they all played in too. Even Bria. In her cloth diaper. They were wet and happy.

3. We went to Back to School night on Thursday and met Alaina's teacher. The fun thing about being in a small school is that Alaina already knows her teacher, Mrs. Capolungo. She cheered when she heard that she would be in her class. AND it turns out that Alaina's class will be in the exact same classroom that they were in last year. Alaina is a little less excited about that; she was looking forward to being in a new room. But I think it's because for some reason, the 2nd grade is the smallest class, and it just works best to have them in there. (P.S...there is still room at Alaina's school! If you are looking for a great charter school, with small class sizes and strong parental involvement, Collegiate Academy has space in all classes!)

4. I'm equally happy and sad about school starting. We like structure around here, and I can tell that Alaina needs to get back into the swing of learning and being around kids her age. But I did like the relaxed days of summer, when we didn't have to go to bed or get up quite so early. I've had to remind myself that summer is not real life...summer is break from real life, and it's time to get back to it.

5. Go Broncos!

Peace out!

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