Friday, September 4, 2015

Quick 5

It's like my dear friend Becky always said in college: "The days are long, but the weeks are fast." Oh boy, are they.

1. I always hoped that since I have only girls, one of them would have long hair. Alaina can't be bothered with long hair and Joya has the world's most tender head (I'm tempted to contact Guinness World Records about it) so both of them have short hair. Bria has never minded me brushing her hair, so I thought she was it. Well, it's turns out she's a hair chewer. And that grosses me out to no end. So little Bria got her very first hair cut this week. I took her to the expensive kid place that lets them watch movies during the cut, and Bria watched Frozen. She was perfectly cooperative, although she kept telling the stylist that the conditioner she was spraying her hair "stinks!!"

2. You know all those jokes about people trying to pawn off their garden produce this time of year? That does not apply to me. So far, in my three years of home gardening, I've only gotten my garden to produce paltry amounts. Not really even enough to feed my family. I've gotten ONE zucchini this year, and one or two peppers. But never enough at once to really do something with them. I still have to buy stuff at the store. I've gotten TWO tomatoes:
 Don't worry; they're supposed to look like that. The girls must have horked my little plant marker that says what they are, but they're some kind of heirloom variety that would turn pink and black. Sure enough they did. Also my raspberry bush is giving us berries, but only about 5 at a time. We each get one tiny berry each day. I've tried leaving them on the bush until we have more, but then the birds get them. I think the dream of having a bunch of produce at once belongs in the category of unicorns and Neverland.

3. My left arm and my left thigh are nice and tan. That's it. I forgot the tan you get when sitting in the carpool pick up line. No need to point and laugh; I'm aware.

4. Thanks to a generous gift from Lee's parents, our house has gotten a facelift: a new front door! The old one was so brown and crusty. The installer even remarked at how big a difference a real, insulated, air tight door would make, compared to the splintered wood one we had before.
We decided to paint it red. After the first coat, we were kind of nervous at what we had done. It looked...amateur.
But by the end of three coats, we were SO PLEASED.
And now the great debate is whether or not to paint the door frame white or brown. The UPS guy says white (seriously), but I think I'm leaning toward brown, because the trim around the garage is brown. We're taking votes, by the way. Speak up!

5. We've done the best we can on our house so far:
Dead trees gone, new roof, new door...maybe someday we'll get a good handle on that yard of ours. Baby steps!

Have a great long weekend!

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