Friday, September 11, 2015

Quick 5

The days are hot and the mornings are cool.

1. Matchy matchy!! (Full disclosure...I had to practically force Alaina to wear the shirt. She's just not a pink stripe girl. But she finally got on board with the matching.)

2. On Sunday we went to my parents' house for dinner. We used to go there a couple times a month, but we've not been able to do that this year. Early last week, Bria started asking to see Grammy every day. Every time we got in the car she'd start cheering for Grammy's, then crying when she found out we were NOT going to Grammy's. So we made it a point to go to Grammy's. I think it helped. Now she has a bee in her bonnet about seeing Uncle Josh, Aunt Mindy, and Apple Ben. Unfortunately she'll have to wait awhile for those.

3. We tried to have a fun day on Labor Day. We took the girls to Cabela's to just wander around and see the animals. They loved the fish. Bria wasn't as thrilled with the stuffed animals as I hoped she'd be. Then she wanted all the things, so our last 20 minutes was spent dragging around a screaming toddler. Then we took the girls out to eat. To a sit down restaurant. Without a coupon or gift card. It was a big deal. And no, not as fun for us as we wanted, but the girls liked it.

 4. Tuesday did not go as planned. Alaina spent the day like this instead of at school:
Okay, she mostly watched movies. But then took a good nap. Hopefully it's the only sick day we'll have to take this whole year.

5. The rest of my garden may have flopped, but raspberry time seems to be kicking into gear. I'm getting about a dozen each time, instead of five. I would probably get more, but Bria pilfers them off the bush when she goes out to play. I should have seen that one coming. Alaina and Joya have a strong sense of staying away unless I tell them to go get them, but Bria feels the freedom to pick and eat whatever her little eye sees. Bless.

The weekend is upon us.

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